What will be my Social Security Disability amount each month?

A common question that I am asked is what will be my social security disability amount of  benefits?  It is a question that I am frequently asked, and an important one, at that.  Most individuals I represent for Social Security Disability can no longer work because of their medical condition(s), so the amount of social security disability benefits is important to them.


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So how are amounts calculated?

Online Help

First, you can link over to the Social Security website and apply for Online Services.  You can do many things regarding social security benefits through that portal.  You can request an annual benefit statement that lists current SSA retirement and disability rates.  There is also a tab there to calculate future social security benefits.  Those are two key areas to start your research into estimated Social Security Disability amounts.

After Winning Benefits

SSD Benefits

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If you apply for Social Security Disability benefits and are approved at the application level, you will receive a letter advising you that your claim has been approved and the letter will be called “Notice of Award.”  If you are not approved at the application level, but subsequently are awarded benefits through the hearing process, you will receive the same Notice of Award.  The Notice of Award in this situation will list four very specific things that are important to you.

  1. Will list the back payment that is due to you.
  2. It will list the dates of the back payment, usually, the day you are awarded benefits and back to the date the ALJ found you to be disabled.
  3. It will list when your first monthly check is due
  4. It will list the monthly benefits you will receive.

How is your Social Security Disability Amount Calculated

Calculations are based on the amount of income you have paid into the Social Security system.  The calculation is through a complex formula.  Essentially, Social Security bases your social security disability amount on the amount of Social Security taxes you’ve paid, which is base don your earnings.  These are titled  “covered earnings.”  Your average covered earnings over a period of years is known as your average indexed monthly earnings (AIME). A formula is then applied to your AIME to calculate your insurance amount , which is the base figure that Social Security uses in setting your Social Security Disability amount.  In other words, the higher your career earning, the higher your benefit amount.

That certainly is not a simple explanation, but is the best I could do.

Not Covered Income

Unfortunately, I have run across individuals who have had several jobs over years in which they were paid ‘under the table’.  Seems like a brilliant idea at the time, although it really isn’t because it is illegal.  It is called tax evasion and has significant financial and criminal repercussions.  Another significant repercussion is those earnings are not reportable income for social security disability purposes, since no taxes were paid.  I have seen clients come in, who have worked very hard for years, but unfortunately not in a reportable job, and then they are clearly disabled, yet not eligible for ANY benefits.   It is completely devastating.   You do not pay in, you do not get credit.  It is that simple.

If you have applied for Social Security Disability benefits and have been denied, do not hesitate to contact us right away.  You only have a short amount of time to file an appeal from the date of your denial letter.  Your consultation is FREE OF CHARGE.   Help us help you win Social Security Disability benefits that you may be entitled to.  Contact me today.  We represent individuals in Pennsylvania and Maryland.

Winter Weather brings Slip and Fall Injuries in Central Pennsylvania

With winter weather right around the corner, slip and fall injuries in Central Pennsylvania become all too frequent.  Employees need to be cognizant of winter weather.  Often, when snow and ice are on the ground, it inevitably leads to slip and fall injuries at work.


Slip and fall injuries in Central Pennsylvania are common between November and March


Central Pennsylvania is home to a healthy array of warehouses, manufacturing, and trucking facilities.  Often, we see work injuries as a result of snow and ice at these type of employers.  These normally are the result of slips and falls getting out of trucks, standing on the back of trucks or edges of landing docks, or walking building to building on snow and ice.  Slip and fall injuries in Central Pennsylvania are common from November through March.

Unfortunately, we see significant back, knee, shoulder and neck conditions as a result of these work injuries.  You can read more about common slip and fall injuries here at OSS.  Whether they result from direct impact, such as falling right on a knee or onto the low back, or by bracing injuries, such as sticking your arm out to break a fall, these types of slip and falls can lead to painful, debilitating injuries.

It is vital that should a slip and fall injury happen to you, that you follow two very important steps to protect your rights.  Often times, these type of injuries are not witnessed by any other employee.  That means your employer may or may not be skeptical.  It happens.

The two most important steps you should take immediately upon a slip and fall is to provide immediate notice to a supervisor and to seeks medical attention right away.  These steps seem obvious, but they are not always followed by injured employees, which can, and frequently do, then lead to denials of work injuries.  This is not a guarantee that your claim will be accepted.  Employers and their insurance carriers are quick yo find any potential reason to deny a claim, such as, an unwitnessed event.  However, taking the right steps helps me prove and defend your claim and protect your right under the Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Act.

The best way to avoid these type of slip and falls on snow and ice is to take it slow, wear appropriate footwear, and hold on to railings, walls, and other items to help void a potential slip or fall.

The final important step to take should you slip and fall on ice while at work is contact me right away.  You can do that by accessing the contact information to the right.  Insurance companies in Pennsylvania are always represented by legal counsel.  Those insurance attorneys are frequently looking over files and making recommendations to limit employer liability.  You should have and deserve experienced legal counsel on your side as well.  Call me today for a FREE consultation.

Why you need an Attorney for your Social Security Disability Appeal

I was recently a guest on ABC 27 in Harrisburg on Good Day PA to discuss Social Security Disability.  Specifically, I discussed with Amy Kehm, the host of Good Day PA, why applicants for Social Security Disability benefits who have been denied benefits, needs experienced attorney to represent them before the Social Security Administrative Law Judge.

Contrary to popular opinion, winning Social Security Disability cases is no east task.  Pressure is on Social Security ALJs to deny benefits.  You can check out Harrisburg Judge ratings on approving benefits here.  It is not easy.  However, you stand a much better chance of winning benefits with an experienced Social Security Disability Attorney that understands the arguments, your work history, your medical conditions, and what the ALJs are looking for inorder to grant benefits.  It is also critical to address potential weaknesses in your case or medical records and handle them in a manner that can still win you benefits. Social Security Disability is a different process than most areas of law.  You have one shot before an ALJ to make your case for Disability.

Mooney & Associates has 14 offices spread throughout Central and South Central Pennsylvania.  If you have been denied social security disability benefits, you can meet a Social Security Disability attorney at the closest office near you.

Social Security Disability Attorney

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I represent individuals who have been denied social security disability benefits throughout Pennsylvania and Maryland.  With our new Greencastle office, which is located at 145 East Baltimore Street, we can also meet individuals who have been denied benefits in Hagerstown, Maryland and surrounding areas.   If you have been denied Social Security Disability benefits and would like a FREE consultation, simply give us a call at 717-200-HURT or toll-free at 1-877-632-4656.  Otherwise, you can contact me right here on this Blog.