4 Steps for Injured Workers

Workers Compensation is a complex area of law and it is critically important that if you are injured at work, you take the necessary steps to protect your rights. Your rights under the Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Act include the right to wage loss benefits, medical benefits, specific loss benefits, and more. They are invaluable rights.

However, benefits often get denied.  They get denied for a variety of reasons, but some of those common reasons are avoidable by the injured employee.  Reporting the injury immediately and seeking immediate medical care are extremely important in possibly getting your claim accepted.  It is certainly no a guarantee, but by doing those two things, you do eliminate two very common reasons for workers compensation claim denials.

To fight for and protect those rights, we urge you to follow these

Follow these four steps:

  1. Immediately report your injury to your employer. You must report the injury within 21 days to be eligible for compensation from the date of injury or within 120 days in total, or your claim will be barred by law.  If you report the injury after 20 days, but before the 120 days, then you may be eligible for benefits from the date of notice, not the date of injury.
  2. Seek medical treatment. Go to the Hospital. Go to your family doctor. Go to the employer’s panel doctor. In other words, it is important you treat for your injury right away.  Delays in treatment can cause the insurance carrier to deny the claim.
  3. Follow your doctor’s instruction and provide an initial disability note to your employer. Document your medical appointments and your communications with your employer.  It is very important that you obtain a work restriction note after EACH visit, not just the initial visit.
  4. Finally contact Mooney & Associates to ensure your rights are protected. They are too important to just brush off and hope for the best. The insurance carrier has legal counsel looking over all files, including yours!  Shouldn’t you? Our consultations are FREE.   Contact us immediately at 1-877-632-4645 or 717-200-HURT.

It is also important to note that Mooney & Associates also represents injured workers in Maryland Workers Compensation.  Our workers compensation practice fully handles all Pennsylvania and Maryland claims.

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