Attorney Mark Buterbaugh

buterbaughAttorney Mark Buterbaugh is  Shareholder/Partner at Mooney & Associates and the Managing Partner for Workers Compensation and Social Security Disability practices for  Mooney & Associates.  Attorney Buterbaugh created the Workers Compensation practice upon his arrival at Mooney & Associates.  He manages and practices in workers compensation, workers compensation defense, Long Term Disability Insurance appeals, and social security disability appeals.  The Workers Compensation practice includes representing injured workers in Maryland Workers Compensation.

Formerly, Attorney Buterbaugh represented employers and insurance carriers statewide in workers compensation defense.  He will still to this day represent employers in defense of claims.

Prior to joining Mooney & Associates, Attorney Buterbaugh served as an Assistant Enforcement Counsel with the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board, enforcing Pennsylvania laws and regulations in the casino industry in Pennsylvania.  Attorney Buterbaugh also served in multiple staff positions with the Pennsylvania House of Representatives.

Attorney Buterbaugh represents injured workers throughout South Central Pennsylvania, including the Chambersburg, Shippensburg, Carlisle, Harrisburg, Hanover, Gettysburg, York, Waynesboro, Greencastle,  Lancaster, and all areas surrounding those areas.  He handles Workers Compensation cases from start to finish, a full litigation practice.  His practice includes full litigation of denied claims, full litigation on employer petitions, such as, Modification, Suspension, and Termination, and litigation on Review Petitions, to expand the description of injury or correct the all important average weekly wage, of Penalty Petitions against employers and their insurance carriers, and in maximizing workers compensation lump sum settlements for his clients.  Attorney Buterbaugh has experience in Workers Compensation Defense, where he has represented Employers and Insurance Carriers, and can handle defense of claims for employers and uninsured employers in Pennsylvania before the Pennsylvania Uninsured Employers Guaranty Fund (UEGF).

Besides Pennsylvania Workers Compensation, Attorney Buterbaugh also has handles cases involving injured Federal Government employees in Federal Workers Compensation before the Office of Workers Compensation Programs (OWCP).  Federal Government employees do not have access to the regular Workers Compensation system in Pennsylvania.  Instead, the Federal Government has their own workers compensation system run through the OWCP.  The federal system is entirely different.   Attorney Buterbaugh handles Federal Workers Compensation cases in Pennsylvania and Maryland.

Attorney Buterbaugh also represents claimants who have applied for and been denied Social Security Disability Benefits before the Office of Adjudication and Review of the Social Security Administration.  Attorney Buterbaugh has a proven success rate in arguing Social Security Disability cases and has represented hundreds of disability applicants.  Understanding the individual’s medical conditions, the impact of medical records, the impact of past work history, and the impact of age on applicant’s is vital.  Attorney Buterbaugh works with medical providers to obtain the necessary medical evidence needed to craft strong disability arguments.  Whjen you are deniued Social Security Disability, you have one hearing, that’s it.  That is why it is absolutely cirtical to have an experienced SSD attorney on your side.  Attorney Buterbaugh handles Social Security Disability cases in Pennsylvania and Maryland.

Finally, Attorney Buterbaugh handles Premises Liability cases including Dog Bite injury cases, dog bites to children, and slip and fall injuries.

Attorney Buterbaugh is a member of the Franklin County, Cumberland County, and Pennsylvania Bar Associations.  He is also a member of the Pennsylvania Association of Justice.   He is active in his community, having been elected to the Shippensburg School Board in 2013.  In 2015, his School Board peers elected him to be President of the Shippensburg School Board.

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Attorney Buterbaugh was also a guest on ABC 27 Good Day news program to discuss workers compensation.  Check it out!

And in November 2016, Attorney Buterbaugh was again a guest on ABC 27 on Good Day PA to discuss the importance of an individual having experienced legal counsel represent them if their Social Security Disability application is denied.


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