Warehouse growth expected to continue growing in Chambersburg, Shippensburg, and Carlisle

Growth in warehouse development and subsequent jobs that follow are expected to continue to grow in the Chambersburg, Shippensburg, and Carlisle areas of South Central Pennsylvania, in 2018.   It is kind of obvious given the continued development underway.

Looking at Shippensburg, you can see warehouse development currently underway off Interstate 81 Exit 24.  There is expected to be an additional warehouse to be built after the one behind the new Sheetz Store is completed.  The warehouses being developed off Exit 24 are considered to be Spec Warehouses.    Specifically, Spec Warehouses are built to be leased out, meaning, it is not being built for a specific company, such as Procter & Gamble on the Olde Scotland Road or Georgia Pacific off Exit 29 in Shippensburg.  Additionally, there is expected to be continues development off Exit 29 in Cumberland County by the Beistle Company and Georgia Pacific locations.

Just a bit North on Interstate 81. you will witness an ongoing boom in warehouse construction in Carlisle.  Many of these huge warehouses that are being erected are again, Spec Warehouses, being developed to lease.  Currently, you can see warehouse development continuing to boom off Exit 44, the Allen Street exit.  This all goes along with the booming construction in Chambersburg off Interstate 81.  The booming distribution economy along the Interstate 81 corridor is causing low unemployment rates in Franklin and Cumberland Counties.  Many of these jobs are either temporary employment or temporary to start before being hired on full-time by employers.

Warehouses jobs, such as order selectors, fork lift drivers, loaders, and more, are at risk for work injuries.  You can view the actual phamplet from OSHA on the most common injuries int he warehousing industry.   I also published an article here on the most common warehouse injuries that walk into my office.

Here are a few pointers for injured warehouse employees.

First, know who your employer really is.  Let me explain.  If you work at Procter & Gamble in Shippensburg and are specifically hired by a temporary agency, your employer for workers compensation purposes, is the actual temporary agency you work for, NOT Procter & Gamble.   It is important to identify the proper employer in a workers compensation case.

Second, notice of injury is critical.  Always remember to report your injury immediately to a supervisor.  If you work for a temporary agency, you must also report the injury to the agency, not just a floor supervisor.  Failure to report an injury right away almost always leads to a denial of your claim.

Third, be careful what you sign.  Employers tend to put a ton of paperwork in front of an injured worker.  Before signing it, make sure you understand exactly what you are signing and what is means to your rights.  Call us right away if you have question on what you are signing.  We always offer FREE consultations for worker injuries.

Fourth, seek immediate medical treatment.  Sometimes, I hear stories of injured workers who just try and ‘grunt’ through pain. They think the injury will just go away.  Then it doesn’t.  That lack of medical treatment in the beginning can trigger a denial of your claim as well.  Second, ‘grunting’ through an injury can worsen an injury.  Sometimes we see that in partial rotator cuff tears that end up being full thick tears.  There is a substantial difference in terms of need for surgery and recovery.   Don’t risk it.  Get checked out.

Fifth, ask your employer if they have a panel list of medical providers.  They are required to in order for the 90 day panel provisions to be in effect.  Second, if they do have a list, you are FREE to treat with any provider on that list.  Your employer can’t dictate which one you treat with.

Finally, ask your employer for a work injury incident report.  Keep notes on employer responses.

Workers Compensation is a complex area of law.   If you are hurt at work, call Mooney & Associates right away for a FREE consultation with me.  Your rights and benefits under the Workers Compensation Act are too valuable to risk.  At Mooney & Associates, I have litigated hundreds of cases.  I have deposed tons of doctors.  I have recovered millions of dollars for injured workers.  I stand ready to fight and protect your benefits.  Call today at 717-200-HELP or 1-877-632-4656.    If you prefer, you can also email me right here through this site.  We have offices throughout Franklin, Adams, Cumberland, Dauphin, Perry, Lancaster, Lebanon, and York counties In Pennsylvania.  I will meet you at the office most convenient for you.


While Pennsylvania Workers Comp rates improve, work injuries remain

Governor Tom Wolf announced that Pennsylvania Workers Compensation rates improved, yet again.  Pennsylvania fell from 17th in down to 26th in workers compensation insurance costs for businesses.  That is a pretty big jump and shows that Pennsylvania is more attractive to business and has a friendly business environment.  In fact, check out how many insurance carriers offer workers compensation coverage in Pennsylvania.

“More than 325 companies offer workers’ compensation insurance coverage in Pennsylvania,” said Insurance Commissioner Teresa Miller, in a statement. “This means employers are able to find attractive, cost-efficient options for this vital insurance.”

Despite costs being down, my practice certainly has not seen a drop in work injuries in Central Pennsylvania.  Perhaps it is the area we live in, in South Central Pennsylvania.  As reported in the Chambersburg Public Opinion, Franklin County will continue to see emerging growth.   It is not hard to believe that.  All we have to do it look around at the development that has begun in Shippensburg along Interstate 81, the growth in Exit 17 in Chambersburg, and the continued health of the Chambersburg Interstate 81 area.

For Shippensburg, the United Business Park off Exit 24 is set for development and expansion in 2017.

New Jersey-based Matrix Development Group purchased 205 acres of the United Business Park near Shippensburg. Matrix plans to build two warehouse with 2.7 million square feet under roof. Matrix owns the World Kitchen warehouse in Greencastle.

Texas Stock Tabs is constructing a 100,000 square foot factory at the United Business Park at Exit 24 of Interstate 81, Shippensburg. The project will result in the preservation of 75 jobs. The company currently has a plant on Wayne Avenue in Chambersburg.

Shippensburg already experiences low unemployment due to a healthy Central Pennsylvania economy.  However, Shippensburg has added jobs through the recent development of Procter & Gamble distribution center off Exit 24 and the Georgia Pacific distribution center off Exit 29.  Matrix land developer now plans to add two large warehouses right off Exit 24.  That will obviously create more jobs.  It will also continue to raise work injuries.  Warehouses and distribution centers are a hot bed for work injuries due to the heavy and repetitive nature of those positions.  To see read more about common warehouse injuries, link here.

Mooney & Associates Free ConsultationRemember — the keys to protecting your rights if you are injured at work are:  1) report the injury immediately to your employer; 2) seek medical care right away; and 3) call Mooney & Associates for a FREE consultation to protect your rights.

Mooney & Associates has office locations in Chambersburg, Mercersburg, Greencastle, and Shippensburg.  Call today for a FREE consultation at 717-200-HURT.

Harrisburg Social Security Disability Office has long hearing wait, adds new Judges

I hear from every client their disbelief of the wait time to receive a hearing on their Social Security Disability appeal.  It is frightening for folks who have no income or limited income and can’t function normally or work. However, it is also a reality.  And, it is not just the Harrisburg Office of Adjudication and Review, which handles Social Security Disability appeals, that has the backlog wait time.  It is a national problem.

Mooney & Associates representing social security clients

Mooney & Associates representing social security clients

Here are the current numbers. (As of July 2016)

Elkins Park, PA 20.0 Months
Harrisburg 19.3 Months
Johnstown 19 Months
Philadelphia 20.5 Months
Philadelphia East 20 Months
Pittsburgh 21 Months
Seven Field, PA 18 Months
Wilkes Barre 16.5 Months
Pennsylvania State Average 19.3 Months
Baltimore, MD 21 Months
NHC Baltimore 19 Months
Maryland State Average 20 Months

As you can see, the Harrisburg ODAR office is trending right near the Pennsylvania state average, but above the National average.  There may be some relief in sight though.  Harrisburg has recently added three new Administrative Law Judges, which should help reduce the wait time to around the National average.  Bottom line is, even with new ALJ’s on the way, if you have been denied Social Security Disability and you appeal, you SHOULD NOT expect to have a hearing for at least 16 months. Continue reading

The Six Common Warehouse Work Injuries We See

South Central Pennsylvania is one of the fastest booming areas in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, especially in warehouses.  In fact, several of the counties that we serve are listed among the Top 15 in Pennsylvania for population growth from 2010 to 2014.  Those counties are:  Cumberland (1st), Lancaster (4th), Franklin (6th), and Dauphin (15th).  That leads to jobs, but also to common warehouse injuries.

Warehouse Injury

Common warehouse injuries in Pennsylvania

Warehousing Growth in Central Pennsylvania

A large part of the growth that has occurred in Central Pennsylvania can be directly attributed to the warehousing and manufacturing development along the interstate 81 Corridor, from Greencastle, PA up through Dauphin County.  We’ve seen a recent boom, such as the development of Food Lion Distribution and World Kitchen in Greencastle, Chambersburg area warehouse development,  which includes, Target, Ulta, K Mart, and Staples, new warehouses in Shippensburg, which includes, Procter & Gamble and Georgia Pacific, newer warehouses in Carlisle, which includes, Giant Foods, Ross Distribution, AMES distribution, Office Depot, Ryder, Amazon,  OHL, and Lindt Chocolate.  Those are just a few. These warehouse operations employ many people through South Central Pennsylvania.  Additionally, there is more warehousing growth set for Carlisle (Exit 44 off I-81) and Shippensburg (Exit 24 and 29 off I-81).    Continue reading

Franklin County PA booming with jobs

Franklin County, Pennsylvania has a booming economy.  The article from WHTM states the economy in Franklin County has added 1200 jobs in 12 months.

ABC27 News reported in the past how Cumberland County is the fastest growing county in the state. Franklin County is also seeing increased numbers and is sixth on the list.

You can see it with the construction along the Interstate 81 Corridor.  A new warehouse  facility is under construction in Cumberland County off the Exit 44 right near Carlisle.  In Franklin County, as we reported here, Atlas CopCo is adding 50 manufacturing jobs to Western Franklin County with a new facility near Fort Loudon.  That facility is under construction.  Development is occurring off Exit 24 in Shippensburg.  First was Procter & Gamble in Shippensburg with huge warehouse, but more development is under consideration.  A manufacturing facility is considering a site off Exit 24 with a possibility of two additional distribution centers off that exit being considered.

It’s a continued growth model in the area.

“We know we’re well positioned for growth,” said Mike Ross, president of the Franklin County Area Development Corporation. “Four states, four counties, 40 miles. There’s a lot going on in the 81 corridor that is impacting our growth.”

In fact, 500 to 1,000 more jobs are expected to come to Franklin County this year.

“Success begets success,” Ross said.

More importantly, the job growth and development is having an impact in other sectors.

Ross said the manufacturing jobs are where most of the new jobs are, and those are attracting restaurants and shops to the area as well.

We’ve been seeing that off Exit 17 with the continued development of the newer Exit there.   That area has just added Chick Fila, a new Starbuck location, Five Guys, and more to come.

OSHA reports on first year of injury reporting

The Occupational Safety and Hazard Administration (OSHA) has reported on its first year of the severe work injury reporting program.  injury

All Employers throughout the country are required now to report severe work place injuries.  Specifically, 

Now, under a requirement that took effect Jan. 1, 2015, employers must report to OSHA within 24 hours any work-related amputation, in-patient hospitalization, or loss of eye

Of the injuries reported last year, here is the breakdown provided in the OSHA report.

“Employers reported 10,388 severe injuries, including 7,636 hospitalizations and 2,644 amputations. For more statistics and the evaluation of the impact of the new requirements . . . the numbers amount to 30 work-related severe injuries each day, evidence that, despite decades of progress, many US work sites remain hazardous to workers” 

The three largest sectors of employers with the most reported hospitalizations are:  manufacturers (26%), construction (19%), and transportation/warehousing (11%).  Of amputations, manufacturers indicated 57% of reported amputation injuries.

Looking at where we live, Central Pennsylvania, most of the work injuries I have litigated have been in these three work place sectors, along with employees of nursing homes and health care agencies.  South Central Pennsylvania has seen an explosion in transportation/warehouse and manufacturing growth from Greencastle near the Maryland border up through the Harrisburg region, along the Interstate 81 corridor.  That makes these type of numbers even more important for our area to understand and comprehend.

The frustrating thing about reading this report is the indication that many of these severe injuries are easily preventable.  That is just frustrating.  Employers are constantly trying to implement new cost-saving procedures in their facilities.  That is understandable.  However, these type of cost savings should not be directed at work place safety.

In many instances in which I have represented injured workers, my clients’ injuries were indeed easily preventable.  I wish employers understood the profound impact a work injury typically has on the lives of the injured workers.  Employers fail to understand the devastating physical and emotional impact these injuries cause on a person.

Often, we just think about the pain and and physical condition from a work injury.  However, it goes beyond that.  Work injuries often devastate an injured worker financially.  Many injured workers can’t afford to be out of work getting paid 2/3 of their weekly pay.  Still, even more so, many injured workers have denied injuries, putting them out of work with no pay at all.   That may lead to foreclosures, bankruptcy, homelessness, domestic problems in their marriages, and more.  The toll these injuries take on an individual injured worker is often forgotten by their employer and insurance carrier.  Even more so, when the worker returns to work or returns in modified duty, the once amicable relationship with bosses, co-workers, and maybe even business owners, suddenly turns sour.  Snide comments are made about faking an injury.  Work place discipline begins to increase.  Harassment by co-workers takes place.  I see it all the time and it is completely frustrating to me.  Unfortunately, it is also becoming more a norm, than not.

It’s simple.  If you have been hurt on the job, you shouldn’t and you do not have to fight the work injury on your own.  Your benefits under the Workers’ Compensation Act are too important to you.  Do three things immediately when you are hurt on the job:  1) report the injury to your employer right away; 2) seek medical treatment immediately; and 3) call Mooney & Associates at 717-200-HURT or 1-877-632-4656 for a FREE consultation regarding your rights and our ability to protect them on your behalf.  Again, you do not have to go it alone!  Mooney & Associates has twelve offices scattered throughout Central Pennsylvania to conveniently meet with you.  We have offices in Chambersburg, Mercersburg, Shippensburg, Carlisle, Harrisburg, Duncannon, Halifax, Gettysburg, York, Hanover, New Oxford, and Stewartstown.  Soon we will be adding a meeting location in Lancaster.  We are making it as easy as possible to consult with us!


Commonwealth Court Reaffirms Residency Does Not Provide Jurisdiction in Workers Compensation

CommCtRecently, the Pennsylvania Commonwealth Court, once again, addressed the issue of state jurisdiction over a workers compensation claim.

In this case, a Pennsylvania resident was injured in an auto accident in New Jersey, while working for a trucking company based out of Alabama.  During the pendency of the claim, the Claimant was receiving workers compensation benefits through the state of Alabama.   When the Claimant applied for his position, he testified that he completed an online application at his home in Pennsylvania.  He sought to have his benefits transferred to Pennsylvania.

Claimant’s argument was set forth:

According to Claimant, the totality of the facts lead to the inescapable conclusion that his employment was principally localized in Pennsylvania because he lived in Pennsylvania, and he worked in Pennsylvania more than any other state.

The jurisdictional elements for a work injury to be compensable in Pennsylvania have been set forth in the Workers Compensation Act (herein referred to as “Act”).  First, and foremost, Pennsylvania will always have jurisdiction over a work injury that occurs in Pennsylvania.  However, Pennsylvania also has ‘extra-territorial” provisions that allow the state to grab jurisdiction on work injuries that  occur outside Pennsylvania.   They are set forth at Sections 305.2, 77 P.S. 411.2.  A Claimant will be entitled to benefits if;

(1) his employment is principally localized in this state, or

(2) he is working under a contract of hire made in this state, in employment not principally localized in any state, or

(3) he is working under a contract of hire made in this state, in employment localized in another state, whose workmen’s compensation law is not applicable to his employer…

(4) A person’s employment is principally localized in this or another state when,

(i) his employer has a regular place of business in this or such other state and he regularly works at or from such place of business, or

(ii) having worked at or from such place of business, his duties have required him to go outside of the state not over one year, or

(iii) if clauses (1) and (2) are not applicable, he is domiciled and spends a substantial part of his working time in the service of his employer in this or such other state.

At issue in this case was (iii) section above, which I italicized.  Here the Claimant was contending that since he was domiciled in Pennsylvania and he drove over 6,000 miles in Pennsylvania for his job duties, he then meets section (iii) above.

In addition, the Claimant argued the following:

In this regard, Claimant maintains he kept his truck in Pennsylvania, and Employer occasionally dispatched him from his home in Pennsylvania. In addition, the WCJ credited Claimant’s testimony and documentary evidence in the form of daily trip logs

The Court rejected Claimant’s argument.  it noted:

Although Claimant may have spent more time and driven more miles in Pennsylvania than any other state, he did not spend “a substantial part of his working time” in Pennsylvania. Comparatively speaking, Claimant spent only a small percentage more in Pennsylvania than some of the other high totaling states, like Virginia and Ohio. Stated otherwise, he did not work from Pennsylvania “as a rule.”

As you can see, jurisdiction is still a legal ‘gray area’ open to interpretation and ultimately argument.  Jurisdiction is a provision under the Act that is quite fact sensitive and is still developing through jurisprudence.

Given the complexity of Workers Compensation and the extreme importance of individual rights under the Act, it is critical that when you are injured at work, to contact an experienced workers compensation attorney immediately. We’ve said it before and will continue to say it, insurance defense counsel is reviewing and making recommendations on your claim.  Shouldn’t you have professional guidance on your side as well.

If you have been hurt on the job, contact Mooney & Associates immediately. We have offices located throughout Central Pennsylvania, including:  Chambersburg, Mercersburg, Shippensburg, Carlisle, Harrisburg, York, Gettysburg, Hanover, Halifax, Duncannon, Stewartstown.  We can meet you in the location most convenient for you.  As always, our consultations for workers compensation cases are FREE.  Call us at 1-877-632-4656 or email me direct at mab@mooney4law.com.

Labor Market remains strong, jobless claims at 4 year low

The Labor Market continues to churn quite nicely, with initial jobless claims hovering at a four decade low.  The labor market strength is reaching full employment status.

Applications submitted to state agencies for unemployment benefits decreased by 5,000 to 271,000 in the week ended Nov. 14 from 276,000 in the previous period, a Labor Department report showed Thursday. The number of claims dipped to 255,000 in mid-July, the fewest since the 1970s.

Steady demand has encouraged employers to hold the line on firings as a tighter labor market makes it difficult to attract skilled workers. Employment has shown enough signs of strength to allow Federal Reserve policy makers to consider raising rates for the first time in almost a decade.

procter & gamble, Shippensburg

Shippensburg Proctor & Gamble warehouse

We are seeing that locally as well.  With the continual development of warehousing and distribution centers along the Interstate 81 corridor in Franklin and Cumberland counties, you are also seeing more and more temporary agency signs along roadways, posts on Facebook, and other avenues of advertising for labor.  Procter & Gamble and Georgia-Pacific in Shippensburg added a significant amount of employees to the labor market, causing shortage at other distributions center in Chambersburg, Shippensburg, and Carlisle areas.

Here is a new article published in the Carlisle Sentinel regarding Aerotek and their attempt to fill 900 jobs in this area.

One Hanover, Maryland-based staffing agency is looking to fill more than 900 job openings in fields such as logistics, health care, manufacturing, warehousing and call-centers throughout Carlisle, Harrisburg, Lewisberry and Shippensburg.  Aerotek is looking for candidates with a high school diploma or GED, with many positions offering hands-on and verbal training, the company said. Some positions offer an approximately 90-day contract-to-hire transition, with the opportunity to move up within the company.

“Central Pennsylvania’s job market is beginning to flourish as more companies turn to this area to handle their unprecedented growth and customer demand,” said Greg Long, director of operations at Aerotek’s Harrisburg base. “Companies are becoming more dynamic with how they adhere to their customer’s needs, and one of those major indicators is how quickly they are able to get their product to the customer.


PA Court: Issuance of a Medical-Only NCP in Workers Compensation differs from Acceptance and Subsequent Suspension of Benefits

The Pennsylvania Commonwealth Court recently distinguished between a Medical-Only Notice of Compensation Payable and an acceptance of a work injury and a subsequent Suspension of benefits, in Sloane v. W.C.A.B (Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia)  No 1399, C.D. 2014(Pa. Cmwlth. 2015).


The relevant time lines are this:  An injured worker has three years after the date of the injury to file a Claim Petition to seek workers’ compensation benefits for the injury.  If a Notice of Compensation Payable (NCP) is issued and wage loss benefits are later suspended, the injured worker has 500 weeks, or three years from the date of last payment, whichever is later, to file for a reinstatement of disability benefits.   Do the same rules apply to a Medical-Only NCP that apply to a regular NCP with subsequent suspension?  That is the issue addressed in this case.

Claimant argued that the issuance of a Medical-Only NCP would have the same has the same effect as if a WC Judge issued an Order granting a claim petition with an immediate suspension of disability benefits in cases where medical treatment is required but there is no immediate wage loss.  Therefore, the Claimant argued the appropriate Bureau form would be a Reinstatement Petition, which would make the Petition timely if filed within 500-week period in which an injured workers is eligible for partial disability benefits.

The Workers Compensation Appeal Board rejected the argument, distinguishing between the granting of disability benefits and the issuance of a medical-only acceptance.  The Board’s rationale on a Medical-Only NCP is that the defendant only accepted the injury on a medical basis, not on a earning loss basis.  Essentially, by issuing a Medical-Only, the Employer never accepts wage loss as a result of the work injury.  Since no disability benefits were ever accepted, there are no disability benefits to be reinstated.

The Commonwealth Court agreed.  The Court stated,

Despite the apparent ambiguity relating to the proper form of the Petition, we need not resolve this issue because Claimant’s request for disability benefits for the 2006 injury would be untimely under the limitations periods of Section 413(a) or Section 315. Under Section 413(a), a reinstatement petition must be filed “within three years after the date of the most recent payment of compensation made prior to the filing of such petition.” 77 P.S. § 772. The payment of medical benefits by an employer does not constitute “compensation” for the purposes of Section 413(a) that would act to toll the liability period . . . Since no disability compensation had been paid for the 2006 injury, Claimant was required to establish an entitlement within 3 years of the date of the injury. The Petition filed on December 31, 2011 was therefore untimely under Section 413(a) . . .  Employer made its intent expressly clear that it would pay Claimant’s medical expenses but accepted no liability for wage-loss benefits. Thus, the Petition would also be untimely under Section 315.

The moral of this story.  If a Medical-Only NCP is issued in your case, you have a three year statute of limitation to file a Claim Petition alleging loss of wages as a result of the work injury.  After three years, your claim for wage loss benefits will be barred.  The even stronger moral of this story is, if you have been injured at work, contact a workers compensation Attorney right away.  Use the Mooney & Associates three step procedure when injured at work:  1) tell you employer about your injury right away; 2) seek medical attention immediately; and 3) contact Mooney & Associates at 1-877-632-4656 or email me at mab@mooney4law.com.  Workers Compensation is too complex and your rights in workers compensation are too important to go it alone against an insurance carrier.

What does it cost you to have a consultation with me regarding your workers compensation claim?  NOTHING.  We have full-time offices in Chambersburg, Carlisle, Shippensburg, Hanover, Gettysburg, Harrisburg, and York.  We have other meeting offices throughout South Central Pennsylvania.  We will meet you at the office closest to you.

Staffing Agencies and workers compensation in Pennsylvania

Is an injured workers who works for a temporary agency covered by workers compensation benefits?  Its a question I am often asked. The answer is — more than likely, yes.

injuryThere are some instances where an individual working for a staffing agency may very well be an independent contractor, and thus not covered by the Workers Compensation Act.  We can help answer those questions for you.  However, in most instances, especially in our area, you will likely be covered with workers compensation benefits if you are hurt on the job.

This area has been driven by manufacturing, distribution centers, and warehouse development along the Interstate 81 Corridor in Greencastle, Chambersburg, Shippensburg, and Carlisle areas.  There are also many distribution centers, warehouses, and manufacturing facilities in the Gettysburg, York, New Oxford, and Hanover areas.  For instance, in Shippensburg, Procter & Gamble built a huge distribution center off Interstate 81 at Exit 24 that employs over 500 people, and is expected to employ over 1,000 later this year or early next year.  Just a handful of employees are actually employed by Procter & Gamble.  Several different staffing agencies provide employees, which is dependent upon the function of the jobs.  These employees are covered under the Workers Compensation Act.

Many of these distribution centers and warehouses hire employees through staffing agencies.  In most cases, these types of employees are covered by benefits.  Many of our manufacturing facilities in our area start employees out on a temporary status, through a staffing agency.  Again, in most cases, these types of employees will be covered by benefits.

One aspect that seems to confuse injured workers who work for a staffing agency in a large warehouse is who their actual employer is, in other words, who is responsible for covering them for workers compensation purposes.  In most cases, the staffing agency provides the workers compensation coverage and is the actual employer.  That is important.  It is important for an injured employee to understand that since the temporary agency is the actual employer, besides reporting the injury to your supervisor, who is likely an employee of the facility your work at, it is equally important to report the injury to the staffing agency with whom you are employed.

We represent many injured workers throughout Central Pennsylvania that are employed with various staffing/temporary agencies.  Often times, these injuries are denied by staffing agencies. if you have been hurt at work, don’t risk it.  Contact Mooney & Associates right away for a FREE consultation.  It costs you absolutely nothing.  Your rights and benefits are too valuable to put at risk.  Your employer’s insurance adjuster and their counsel are reviewing your file and investigating your claim.  Don’t you have that same security?   Call Mooney & Associates toll-free at 1-877-632-4656 or use our contact information provided on this website.