Are Medical Records Important in my Workers Comp Case?

Are Medical Records Important in my Workers Comp Case?  Yes, they are very important. Let’s discuss why. First and foremost, medical records are used by me to determine if we have a prima facie (first look) case to file a claim. That means, do the medical records document a work-related injury. Why else are medical records important? Your medical records […]

Will my doctor testify in my Pennsylvania workers’ comp case?

When an injured worker in Pennsylvania is denied workers’ compensation benefits, they must file a Claim Petition seeking wage loss and medical benefits afforded under the Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Act.  Once the claim is filed, then the case is in workers’ compensation litigation. One question I am frequently asked by an injured worker is besides their own testimony, what other […]

Common Tool Injuries in Pennsylvania Workers Comp

After more than a decade of representing injured workers in Pennsylvania, one thing I see often are common work injuries caused by use of tools in manufacturing, assembly, welding, and other tool based job positions. Last year alone, there were a reported 960,000 tool related injuries and over 200 deaths. Tool use is common and unavoidable. In many positions, tool […]

Attorney Buterbaugh named to Shippensburg University Committee

Attorney Mark Buterbaugh has been appointed to the Inauguration Steering Committee for Shippensburg University.  In May, Shippensburg University and the State System of Higher Education selected Dr. Charles Patterson as it’s 18th President.  Dr. Patterson had been serving in an interim president role at the University since June 2021, after former President Dr. Laurie Carter departed for another position. The […]

What happens when my doctor provides permanent work restrictions for my work injury?

Many injured workers in Pennsylvania do not fully recover from a work injury. Depends on the severity of the injury, surgeries that may have happened, and ongoing symptoms from the work injury. So what happens if my doctor gives me permanent work restrictions? First, if your claim has been accepted, your employer must provide light duty within those permanent restrictions. […]

What to expect from the initial workers’ compensation intake

Mooney Law is proud to represent workers throughout Pennsylvania and Maryland. Work injuries are tough. They can be financially, emotionally, physically, and emotionally devastating. At Mooney Law, we are committed to providing excellent representation based on our trusted and proven experience. So you have been injured at work. You want a free consultation with Mooney Law for your work injury. […]

Mooney Law Obtains Six Figure Settlement for Injured Worker Who Contracted COVID-19

I was recently able to settle a workers’ compensation claim for a client of mine who contracted COVID-19 while in the course and scope of her duties at work.  The settlement was over $100,000. These COVID-19 cases are pretty limited.  These cases are limited to essential workers, primarily health care workers.  There is a presumption for health care workers that […]

Mooney Law Proudly Sponsors Greyhounds New Scoreboard

Mooney Law proudly supports the communities we live and work in.  Here is a phot of the new scoreboard just placed in the Shippensburg High School Gymnasium.  Mooney Law was proud to help finance the new screoboard with a sponsorship.

Disclose, Disclose, Disclose Preexisting Conditions and Treatment

It is important for injured workers to disclose ALL pre-existing medical conditions, treatment, or symptoms related to the body part that was recently injured at work. Failing to do so can have devastating consequences on the workers’ compensation case. Every new client that comes to consult with me for a Pennsylvania work-related injury is asked about pre-existing conditions, treatment or […]

New Workers Comp Billboard in Shippensburg for Mooney Law

Check our our newest design for workers compensation billboards.  This one is located on Fayette Street in Shippensburg heading under the underpass.