9 Reasons Why You Need a Workers’ Comp Attorney

When an injured worker is out of work from the work injury and getting paid wage loss benefits, should they still seek an experienced workers’ compensation attorney? The answer is YES.

Here are 9 specific reasons you should seek the advice of an experienced workers’ compensation attorney.

1. Document review. Throughout the course of a workers’ compensation claim, injured workers receive numerous documents and correspondence. Some of those advise the injured worker to sign. Having Mooney Law representing you allows us to review the documents and advise which documents to sign and which document to not sign.

2. Assistance with medical care. Getting a workers’ compensation attorney involved early in your case can help with medical care. Some injured workers are unsatisfied with their treating doctor. Others are unsure if they can choose their own doctor. Having Mooney Law on your side can help smooth out medical care.

3. Communication with the employer and insurance carrier. Injured workers are often hesitant to talk with their employer or insurance carrier. Rightfully so. Injured workers should be careful communicating with the insurance carrier. Having Mooney Law on your side takes that burden takes that burden away.

4. Answering questions and concerns. Having Mooney Law gives our clients reassurance and the expertise to ask questions and get answers during the pendency of the claim. Workers’ Compensation is a complex area of law and we have the experience and knowledge.

5. Avoiding pitfalls. There have been many injured workers who have come to me well into their case. Often times, the injured worker has done something, said something, or communicated something that caused problems with their case. Having Mooney Law on your side protects against pitfalls that can lead to significant problems.

6. Case knowledge. In most accepted cases, insurance carriers will eventually send the injured worker for an independent medical examination (IME). They are doing that for a reason. They are attempting to suspend or terminate benefits. Having Mooney Law involved early in the case allows us to have ongoing knowledge of the claim and be in a much stronger position to defend benefits against employer filed petitions.

7. Wage loss checks and medical bills. Having Mooney law involved with your case helps to ensure your wage loss benefits arrive on time and that medical bills are paid. Failure to do by the insurance carrier will lead to us filing a penalty petition against the insurance carrier.

8. Peace of mind. Having Mooney Law on your side gives peace of mind to injured workers. We are trusted, experienced and proven. Our workers’ compensation practice has collected and protected tens of millions of dollars in benefits for injured workers throughout Pennsylvania.

9. Case value. Many workers’ compensation claims end up in settlement. How is a case valued? What is reasonable? Should I settle? What do settlements include? Having Mooney Law on your side gives you the expertise to have those very questions answered. We are not just a personal Injury firm you see all over TV and billboards. We aren’t out to just collect a quick settlement fee. We have represented thousands of clients across Pennsylvania in Criminal Defense, Family Law, Bankruptcy, Estate Planning and Administration, Personal injury and more. Many of our clients have used us before or use us later for another unrelated matter. That is why we look out for the best interest of our clients, not just our firm. We want to be our clients’ law firm for life. And that makes us different.

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Mark Buterbaugh

Attorney representing injured workers and Social Security Disability clients in Pennsylvania and Maryland.