A PA Workers Comp Judge Assignment and What It Means

What is a PA Workers Comp Judge Notice of Assignment and what does it mean for my Workers Comp case? A Notice of Assignment is sent to Pennsylvania injured worker at the start of litigation (the filing of a Claim Petition or some other employer petition).  The Notice of Assignment informs the parties as to which PA Workers Comp Judge has been assigned to the case. 

Many times I am asked whether the mindset/attitude of a Workers Comp Judge effects a workers comp case?  The quick answer is — yes, it can.   

PA Workers Comp Judges are no different than you and me.  They are individuals. When it comes to litigation, they each hold their own individual mindsets, biases, and approaches to the litigation itself.  Some more actively construe the liberalness of the PA Workers Compensation Act than other Judges.  That means some may appear to be more ‘claimant friendly’ while others may appear to be more ’employer friendly’.  Their viewpoints may also be impacted by their prior employment.  Was a Judge employed as an insurance carrier defense attorney, or was their prior employment as a claimant’s attorney?  Their viewpoints and biases may be impacted by who the medical experts are for both parties.  It may or may not have an impact on how they view a case. 

Does it really matter?  It absolutely could.  However, by hiring an experienced workers comp attorney, your case should be professionally approached to meet the elements of the Act in proving your claim.  Your attorney can do that with your testimony, testimony of potential fact witnesses, and medical evidence, which may include the testimony of your treating doctor.  Multiple issues pop up in most cases, further complicating the case itself, and the litigation.   That is precisely why you need an attorney with Workers Compensation law experience.

At Mooney Law, we are and have been trusted by many injured workers all over Central Pennsylvania.  We have fought for and won tens of millions of dollars in benefits for injured workers.  We understand the law and will fight for the benefits and rights you are entitled to under the PA Workers Comp Act.  We offer injured workers FREE consultations, all the time.  Simply call us at 717-200-HELP to schedule your FREE consultation.

Mark Buterbaugh

Attorney representing injured workers and Social Security Disability clients in Pennsylvania and Maryland.