A Pennsylvania Workers Comp settlement agreement language is critical

A Pennsylvania workers comp settlement is concluded with a Compromise and Release (C & R) agreement.  The C & R agreement contains 19 paragraphs and is often accompanied with an addendum page with additional language for several of those paragraphs.  What language is contained in those paragraphs is vitally important. 

A Pennsylvania injured worker has to remember that these documents are drafted by the employer and insurance carrier’s attorney.  That is precisely why it is so important for an injured worker to have an experienced workers compensation attorney negotiate the settlement and review the documents. 

The insurance company attorney drafts the language to be broad and all encompassing.  First, are you only willing to settle the injury in question,  and not prior work injuries?  What is the description of injury provided in the documents?  That can be critically important if the insurance carrier agrees to pay medical bills up to the date of settlement?  What if the injury description is too narrow?  Can they deny medical bills after settlement?  Possibly, depending on the language.

What about paragraph 13 of the C & R agreement?  This is language that references Social Security Disability benefits.  If the injured worker is on social security disability or plans to immediately apply for disability,t his language is absolutely critical.  Social Security has a statutory right to offsets on workers compensation settlements.  How that offset is applied to your future social security disability benefits SHOULD BE addressed in paragraph 13.  

This is just two examples.  There is ALOT of language in these paragraphs and the addendum to these paragraphs. The language can have profound impact on you.  That is why it is absolutely essential that you have a proven and experience workers compensation attorney on your side.  Besides the language, did you get the amount your case is worth?  If you negotiated yourself with the insurance carrier, then more than likely not.    Additionally, you can read more about Pennsylvania workers’ compensation settlements here.  

So what is your case worth?  Simple.  Call Mooney Law and find out.  We offer absolutely FREE consultations and can meet you at any one of our 16 offices spread throughout Central Pennsylvania.  We can also chat by phone and email if further away.  Call today and make sure you get WHAT YOUR CASE IS WORTH at 833-MOONEYLAW!



Mark Buterbaugh

Attorney representing injured workers and Social Security Disability clients in Pennsylvania and Maryland.