Amazon Under Fire for Work Injuries

Amazon has come under recent fire for significant amount of work-related injuries, which may are significant injuries. In Central Pennsylvania, Amazon has a deep footprint, including in Carlisle, Chambersburg, Lewisberry, and Harrisburg. I have represented many Amazon clients over the years, including distribution center workers and more recently delivery drivers.
Amazon has gone through hiring spurts all over Central Pennsylvania, due to the ever increasing popularity of online retail delivery purchases. Injuries have increased due to the volume of business these distribution centers perform.

From 2017 through 2020, Amazon warehouses in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware reported higher rates of injuries that caused employees to miss work or do light-duty tasks, according to an Inquirer analysis of Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) data compiled by the Washington Post. In some counties, such as Bucks, Philadelphia, and New Castle, Del., Amazon’s serious injury rates were more than double those at warehouses run by other companies.

Among the three states, Amazon’s injury rates were the highest in Pennsylvania. Last year, Amazon warehouses in the state reported 7.2 serious incidents for every 200,000 hours worked — the equivalent of 100 employees working full time for a year. By comparison, non-Amazon warehouses in Pennsylvania had a serious injury rate of 3.9 per 100 full-time worker equivalents.

I have seen injuries that include low back injuries from lifting heavy items, overuse and repetitive injuries to the carpal tunnel region of the wrist, bilateral shoulder injuries, and injuries to the knee from lifting and twisting motions.  You can read about common warehouse injuries here.  Furthermore, unlike many distribution centers and warehouses, Amazon typically permits modified or light duty assignments, but only for a short period of time.  These distribution center jobs are frequently caused by highly repetitive lifting and twisting and turning while picking and loading items. Amazon is more apt to monitor performance and speed, which causes more work-related injuries.

If you have been injured at Amazon or any distribution center, do three things right away.

1. Report the injury to a supervisor and demand a written injury report.
2. Seek immediate medical attention and be sure to document all injuries.
3. Document the injury and your medical treatment. Document and document.
3. Contact Mooney Law right away to fight for and protect your rights. Do not sign anything until you speak with Mooney Law.

Mooney Law provides free consultation for injures workers.  Give us a call to schedule at 717-200-HELP or 833-MOONEYLAW.

Mark Buterbaugh

Attorney representing injured workers and Social Security Disability clients in Pennsylvania and Maryland.