Anesthetic Vials at Summit Health Surgical Group in Waynesboro may have been contaminated.

Summit Health, the ownership group of the Chambersburg and Waynesboro Hospitals announced that there is a possibility of anesthetic vial contamination for 326 patients of Summit Surgical Group in Waynesboro.   Apparently there is a possibility of 326 people who could have possibly been contaminated and all 326 have been contacted by Summit physician Services.   Summit did caution that chance of contamination and infection are remote.

“Although the possibility of infection is remote, we’re not taking any chances with our patients’ safety,” Dr. Frank Mozdy, vice president and chief medical officer for Summit Physician Services, said in a statement.

The medication that was the subject of this disclosure was used on patients that had minor skin procedures, such as mole removal, performed at the Surgical Group.   If you had a similar minor skin procedure completed at the location you can contact a hotline for further information.  That number is  1-844-884-3692.  

Mark Buterbaugh

Attorney representing injured workers and Social Security Disability clients in Pennsylvania and Maryland.