Being Furloughed During COVID and PA Workers Comp Benefits

May Pennsylvanians are on unemployment due to business closure issued by Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf in response tot he COVID-19 pandemic.  Pennsylvania injured workers who are furloughed may be eligible for reinstatement of workers compensation total disability benefits.  The unemployment rate has skyrocketed to historic numbers throughout Pennsylvania.  One important point to note is that although the terms furlough and laid off hold different meanings in employment law, within Pennsylvania workers compensation, there is little difference, with respect to eligibility of workers compensation wage loss benefits.

Let me explain potential eligibility for furloughed injured workers.  If an injured worker was receiving wage loss benefits for a work injury that occurred while working for the employer that furloughed them,  then the injured worker may very well be entitled to wage loss benefits.   If an injured worker returned to work, but was still receiving partial benefits due to reduced wages, then the injured workers who is now furloughed may be eligible for total disability benefits.  So, again, if you were receiving total or partial wage loss benefits and are now furloughed due to COVID-19, call Mooney Law today for a free phone consultation.

When an injured workers returns to their regular duty job, but benefits are not terminated, the the injured worker may still be eligible for a reinstatement of total wage loss benefits.  The burden is a bit harder to meet, but certainly not impossible.

One important thing for injured workers to remember is that fact workers compensation has very specific deadlines that must be complied with to be eligible for benefits.  An important deadline is notice.  An injured worker must provide notice of a work injury to their employer within certain timelines.  That is important to know for furloughed workers.  You can read more about those statutory deadlines and the five important steps to take when injured at work, right here.

Finally, do not depend on your supervisor, HR, or anyone from your employer to advise you of your rights to wage loss benefits.  That costs them money.  Consult with an experienced, proven, and trusted workers compensation attorney.  Call Mooney Law today for a FREE phone consultation at 717-200-HELP or email Attorney Mark Buterbaugh direct at  We have recovered tens of millions of dollars in benefits for injured workers in Pennsylvania and Maryland.

Mark Buterbaugh

Attorney representing injured workers and Social Security Disability clients in Pennsylvania and Maryland.