Beware of the Season for Quick Pennsylvania Workers Comp Settlements

We are approaching the end of 2022, and thus the season that workers’ compensation insurance carriers like to close out files. That means insurance carriers will frequently offer small settlements to close out files. I urge caution for Pennsylvania injured workers.

Settling workers’ compensation cases should be a complex process. It is imperative to be sure that settlement is in YOUR best interest. It is imperative to be sure settlement amount is fair and reasonable, that unpaid medical bills are considered, and that if a surgery is lingering that it is considered. I have had a few calls recently from injured workers who wish to reopen their claim, because they either took a quick settlement that was below fair and reasonable, they realized they had outstanding medical bills they are now stuck with, or they really did not understand the terms of the settlement. The problem with those scenarios is the fact that in Pennsylvania workers’ compensation, when a settlement is approved by a Workers’ Compensation Judge, the case is final and can never be reopened. In other words, it is forever closed.

When considering whether it is in the best interest to settle your workers’ compensation case, many factors need to be considered. Rather than restate them here, I can direct you to this prior blog article I wrote regarding settlement consideration. The bottom line is this — workers’ compensation rights and benefits are too valuable to just ‘sign off’.  Additionally, you can read more about Pennsylvania workers’ compensation settlements here.

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Mark Buterbaugh

Attorney representing injured workers and Social Security Disability clients in Pennsylvania and Maryland.