Can I help with Maryland Workers’ Comp?

I often get questions from Pennsylvania residents that get hurt in Maryland whether they need to find a firm in Maryland to handle their workers’ compensation case in Maryland.  The answer to the question is NO.   Several of Mooney Law’s Pennsylvania office locations, specifically Chambersburg, Waynesboro, Gettysburg, Hanover, and York, are close to the Pennsylvania and Maryland border.  Often times, Pennsylvania residents live in Pennsylvania but work in Maryland and get hurt at work in Maryland.  If you work in Maryland and are hurt in Maryland, then your workers’ compensation claim must be filed in Maryland.  If this fits your circumstance, you can rely on the firm you know, Mooney Law.

I am licensed to practice law in Pennsylvania and Maryland.  There is no doubt that the Pennsylvania and Maryland workers ‘ compensation systems are entirely different from one another.  As a licensed attorney in both states, I understand both state workers’ compensation systems.  My Pennsylvania workers’ compensation practice is quite extensive.  However, I also have represented many clients in Maryland before the Maryland Workers’ Compensation Commission.    From filing original employee claims, to litigating various Issues, Mooney Law is well versed in Maryland workers’ compensation practice.  You can trust the local firm you know to handle your Maryland work injury claim.

It is imperative to remember that besides reporting an injury in Maryland to your employer, it is the responsibility of the injured worker to file an actual claim with the Commission.  Your employer and your employer’s insurance carrier are not going to do that for you.  Telling your employer about the injury and discussing it with the workers’ compensation insurance carrier is NOT the same as filing an employee injury claim with the Commission.  That is solely the responsibility of the injured worker.   In fact, the insurance carrier may not pay any wage loss benefits until a claim is filed with the Commission.   Filing a claim can be daunting task.  It is also critical that your claim is filed correctly.   In Maryland, an injured worker has two years form the date of accident to file a claim with the Commission.  Failure to file a Claim within two years may bar your claim.

Additionally, in Maryland, an injured worker may be entitled to a Permanency Award when the injured worker has reached maximum medical improvement and is done with treatment, regardless of whether any time was missed form work.  Pennsylvania workers’ compensation does not offer such a benefit.  However, you have to have a claim filed with the Commission.

Mooney Law is ready to help!  We can file the Employee Claim with the Commission for you.  We will represent you throughout your workers’ compensation claim in Maryland.    Simply give us a call for a FREE consultation.  You can call us at 717-200-HELP, or at 717-632-4656, or at 443-712-7767.  You can also email us at for a free consultation.  Finally, you can also visit our website to complete a consultation form.  For more in depth information about Maryland Workers’ Compensation, I encourage you to visit my Maryland Work Injury blog.

Mark Buterbaugh

Attorney representing injured workers and Social Security Disability clients in Pennsylvania and Maryland.