Long Term Disability Insurance Appeals

Often times, I have injured workers and other clients who are receiving long term disability insurance monthly benefits.  As with any benefits paid by an insurance company, an initial denial on an application for benefits or a termination of benefits is eventually received by the disabled individual. Let me explain long term disability benefits.  Often times, individuals are confused between […]

For Workers, “Disability” Can Mean Two Different Things

Often times, I have clients who are confused by the general term ‘disability’. Where does the confusion come from? It comes from what they actually mean by applying for or being on ‘disability’. Let me explain. When a person who has worked all their lives suddenly can no longer work due to a disabling condition, the first though is to […]

Mooney Law: A Pennsylvania Disability law practice

Mooney Law represents clients throughout Pennsylvania and is a full Pennsylvania Disability Law practice. What do we mean by that? At Mooney Law, we represent disabled clients in the following areas: Pennsylvania Workers Compensation: We represent injured workers throughout Pennsylvania. We have a full workers compensation litigation practice, from litigating denied injuries, to defending against employer petitions to terminate or […]

Count on Mooney for Long Term Disability Insurance Appeals

Some employers offer employees both short-term and long-term disability insurance.  These benefits are provided to an employee when the employees is out of work for disability purposes. Short term disability insurance usually range between 9 and 26 weeks of payments (usually a certain percentage of your wages) for an individual who is unable to work.  If the company offers and […]