Disclose, Disclose, Disclose Preexisting Conditions and Treatment

It is important for injured workers to disclose ALL pre-existing medical conditions, treatment, or symptoms related to the body part that was recently injured at work. Failing to do so can have devastating consequences on the workers’ compensation case. Every new client that comes to consult with me for a Pennsylvania work-related injury is asked about pre-existing conditions, treatment or […]

Are Pennsylvania workers’ compensation benefits taxable?

Pennsylvania injured workers may receive wage loss benefits when out of work due to a work injury. Many workers’ compensation cases also end in a settlement, where the injured worker receives a lump sum amount to settle their claim. This is the time of year where I get questions from clients on whether their weekly wage loss checks and their […]

Why am I receiving unpaid medical bills in my Pennsylvania workers’ comp case?

Why am I receiving medical bills in the mail when I was injured at work? There are several potential answers to that question. Under the Pennsylvania’s Workers’ Compensation Act, most injured workers are entitled to certain benefits. One of those benefits is medical care and treatment. Covered medical treatment can include doctor visits, physical therapy, occupational therapy, work hardening therapy, […]

Facebook Can Harm Your Pennsylvania Workers Comp Case


Facebook and other social media can harm your Pennsylvania workers’ compensation case. In today’s world, it is natural that when something impactful happens in our lives, we want to share that news with friends and family and we do so on Facebook and other social media. However, it is critical for an injured worker to understand that Facebook posts can […]

Are work restriction notes important in Pennsylvania Workers Compensation?

Work restriction notes from the treating doctor are important to a workers’ compensation case. This can be confusing when an injured worker is out of work or has been terminated from employment. Why would I need a work restriction note if I am not working? Why is a work restriction note important? Under the Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Act, work restriction […]

Be Wary of Year End Workers Compensation Settlement Offers

Injured workers should be wary of settlement offers made by workers compensation insurance carriers in November and December. Many workers’ compensation insurance carriers like to close out claims by the end of the year. That may mean the workers’ compensation insurance carrier will make a settlement offer to an injured worker to coax them in to settling their claim. If […]

New Office in Lancaster, PA

Mooney Law just opened a new full-time office in downtown Lancaster, Pennsylvania.  With the firm’s Lancaster area clientele growing, the timing was right for the firm to make a strong investment in Lancaster.  The new office is located at 36 East King Street in downtown Lancaster in the well known Cipher Building.  Our office is open Monday through Friday from […]

What is ‘mechanism of injury’ in Pennsylvania workers’ compensation?

A phrase we throw around in workers’ compensation circles is the ‘mechanism of injury’. What exactly does ‘mechanism of injury’ mean in workers compensation cases? Simply put — mechanism of injury is the manner in which the injury occurred. In other words, how an injured worker was actually injured. If your workers compensation claim is denied and you have to […]

Workers Comp Back to Virtual Hearings

On August 16, 2021, the Bureau of Workers’ Compensation authorized Workers’ Compensation hearings to be back in-person.  Due to the COVID-19 Delta Variant, that lasted just 10 days.  Word has come down from the Pennsylvania Department of Labor & Industry today that all hearings, besides ‘essential’ hearings, will revert back to virtual hearings, either by phone or video. Back we […]