The Work Injury Notice Requirement

Often I field questions on what is proper timing for Notice to be given to the employer that a person has been injured at work. First, what does notice mean?  Actually quite simple, your Employer can not begin investigation of your injury claim or even know you are injured at work until you tell them.  That is notice.  You can […]

PA Unemployment rate rises .2 points

Pennsylvania’s unemployment rate increased a slit .2 points.  The increase raises the unemployment rate from July of 7.9% to August 8.1%. Here are the unemployment rate numbers for the areas we serve. Adams County, Pennsylvania:  6.8% Cumberland County, Pennsylvania:  6.8% Franklin County, Pennsylvania:  6.9% York County, Pennsylvania:  8.0% Harrisburg-Carlisle Metro Combined Area:  7.4% Visit us online at

Hearing location change for Shippensburg approved!

Our law firm went to bat for injured workers in Shippensburg, Pennsylvania.  As one of the unique communities that is divided by a county line, many injured Shippensburg workers had to drive an hour for a workers’ compensation hearing.  Those living in Franklin County had their hearings heard in Chambersburg, a mere fifteen minutes away.  Those living in Cumberland County […]

A request to change the workers comp hearing location for Shippensburg

Mooney & Associates has formally requested to the Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry to  consider a change in workers’ compensation hearing location for residents of the Shippensburg, Pennsylvania area.  The change was requested because of the Franklin/Cumberland County divide of Shippensburg. Currently, if you are an injured worker and reside in the Franklin County portion of Shippensburg, your hearing […]

Must I treat with a company Doctor for my work injury?

I often am asked whether an injured worker must with a Company Doctor. The short answer to that question is, probably. The Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation statute provides for ‘panel doctors”. What does that mean? Quite simply, if your employer has a list of panel doctors and has complied with all regulations regarding that list, then you MUST treat with the […]

When to hire a Workers Comp Attorney in Pennsylvania

Often times, an injured individual will come to my office with a difficult problem in their workers’ compensation case, mostly because they attempted to navigate the complex workers’ compensation laws themselves, signed something they should not have, or were afraid to hire an Attorney because of repercussion of their employer.  Problem is not having a workers’ compensation attorney can inflict […]

Social Security Disability and SSI at the same time?

We have been getting some questions of late of whether individuals who qualify and get approved for social security disability (SSD) are eligible for social security supplemental income (SSI).  First, let’s explain the two programs briefly. Social Security Disability is a disability benefit program through the Social Security Administration.  To qualify, individuals must meet three elements.  First, an individual must […]

What types of Workers’ Compensation Settlements are there?

Not only do I frequently get asked if a workers’ compensation settlement, or otherwise known as, a compromise and release agreement, is right for a specific client, but also, what types of settlements are there for workers’ compensation.  This post will explore what I see as the three type of compromise and release agreements for settling your workers’ compensation claim. […]