Claimant’s should hire an Attorney for Pennsylvania workers compensation

A recent article in the Claims Journal looks at various reasons and socio-economic groups that tend to hire Attorney’s to represent them in workers’ compensation cases.   Interesting, as you can tell, the article takes the approach that sometimes, Attorney’s are unnecessarily involved.  Given the fact the article is written by the insurance industry, that fact is not surprising.

The reality of workers compensation is that insurance carriers and employers, in their quest to control costs, often attempt to move workers back to jobs they are not ready for, settle cases at unreasonably low settlements, and try and modify, suspend, and terminate an Employee’s benefits based on suspect independent medical examinations.   

So if you are an injured workers or have a friend or relative that was injured at work, you may be asking yourself, when is it time to contact an Attorney?  We aggressively encourage injured workers’ in Chambersburg, Shippensburg, Harrisburg, Carlisle, York, Gettysburg, and Hanover to contact us immediately.  In many cases, the Employer may pay wage loss benefits, pay medical benefits, and do everything they are suppose to under the Pennsylvania workers compensation law.  However, you should still contact us at Mooney & Associates so we can monitor your case as it progresses.

Does it cost anything for us to monitor your case?  No.  If your Employer is paying your benefits and medical bills we will monitor your case for free to ensure that your Employer/Insurance Carrier continue to do what they are suppose to do. 

Your legal rights in the workers compensation system are extremely important.  Your actions can effect your future medical care and your right to future wage loss benefits should your condition worsen.  That is precisely why we encourage you to contact us when you get injured at work.  It is important for you, the injured worker, to be protected.  Don’t sign any documents related to workers’ compensation without checking with us first.  Your rights are too important to gamble with when you are injured.  

Call us today to protect your workers’ compensation rights.  Mark Buterbauugh handles the firm’s workers’ compensation matters.  He previously worked for a large workers’ compensation defense firm representing some of the largest Employers and Insurance carrier in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.  Attorney Buterbaugh is more than aware of the strategies employed by Employers and Insurance Carriers.  Call us today at 717-632-4656 or toll free at 1-877-632-4656.

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