Common Mistakes Made When Applying for Social Security Disability

Applying for social security disability can be confusing, complex, time consuming, and frustrating.  Furthermore, the process can be daunting because, on average, 70% of all applications are denied.  

So what are the common mistakes made when applying for social security disability benefits?  

  1.  Incomplete Work History.  Work history and whether an applicant can perform past relevant work is important in determining whether your application is approved.  This particularly becomes important for older applicants.   Providing accurate job data is critical.  It is important that you describe your jobs in detail, in terms of physical activities required.  How much lifting is required?  How much walking and standing are required?  How much bending, twisting, stooping, and crouching are involved?  All of these job requirements are important in determining whether you can do past relevant work and whether you can perform other jobs at other exertional job classifications.
  2. Inaccurate Work  History.  Many applicants think padding their job responsibilities will put them in better light with those that review applications.   Not only is that unimportant, but it can damage your chances of winning benefits at the application level.  Describing your position inaccurately could lead to a denied application.  If you never supervised an employee, then do not indicate that you did.  Be honest about your job responsibilities and functions.  Certain job functions that you may have never performed, but you feel may be impressive, could lead to an application denial.
  3. Treatment History.  All of your medical records will be reviewed.  All medical records are important.  It is imperative that you provide social security all of your treating medical providers, from the time you allege your disability began, to the time you submit your application.  Most often, social security denies applications due to lack of medical evidence.  Clients tell me that social security never reviewed or listed a certain doctor.  Chances are, the missing records were due to the fact the applicant forgot to list that medical doctor.  Social security can only review the information you provide. 
  4. You waited too long.  You can read about work credits and Date of Last Insured, right here.   Bottom line is, before applying, if you have not worked in a few years, you should make a simple call tot he local SSA office to determine what your Last Date of Insured is currently.  In order to be eligible for social security disability, you MUST be determined to be disabled PRIOR to your last Date of Insured. 
  5. Vagueness.  Many applicants make the wrong decision to be vague with their answers.  Giving one word or Yes and No answers does you no good in explaining your disabilities, pain, and limitations to those reviewing your application.  Take your time and explain your limitations thoroughly. 

Again, the social security disability applications is tedious  and frustrating.  One quick way to ease your mind, frustration and confusions about the process is by calling Mooney Law.  Let us prepare and submit your application for you.  That you can be assured that your application is thorough and complete.  Not only do I represent clients that have been denied social security disability, but Mooney law also completes and submits initial applications for benefits.  Call today at 833-MOONEYLAW.  Call today for a FREE consultation to begin the application process.  As always, if you are denied social security disability, call us right away.  You only have 60 days to appeal a denial.  We represent disabled clients throughout Pennsylvania.  We are a Pennsylvania social security disability law firm.    

Mark Buterbaugh

Attorney representing injured workers and Social Security Disability clients in Pennsylvania and Maryland.