Does Maryland Workers Compensation cover slip and falls at work?

Slip and fall accidents that occur at work in Maryland are indeed covered by the Maryland Workers Compensation Statute.  Similarly to Pennsylvania, Maryland has a no-fault workers compensation  statute.  Winter is here, accidents happen, and Mooney Law stands ready to protect your rights and benefits in Maryland and Pennsylvania.

What does it mean that the statute is no-fault?  It simply means that injured workers in Maryland do not need to prove that an accident was the employer’s fault, or otherwise, that the employer’s negligence caused the work injury.  That does not mean every injury that occurs at work is covered by the statute.  There are of course exceptions within the statute that are applicable.  Self-inflicted or willful intention to harm oneself is an affirmative defense for the employer and would not be covered by workers compensation in Maryland.  Likewise, injuries caused by intoxication or drug use, may not be covered by workers compensation.

Injuries related to slips and falls on ice or snow, or for that matter any substance, are likely compensable under the statute.   The fact that slip and falls in Maryland may be covered does not mean that the employer and insurance carrier will indeed just accept the claim.  Employers deny injuries for many reasons.  However, you do not have to fight your employer and insurance carrier alone.  Mooney Law stands ready to assist you in fighting for the workers compensation benefits you are entitled to and have a right to.

Winter is here.  These accidents happen.  Slip and falls happen in parking lots, while walking between buildings, on wet floors, on terminals and docks, and slipping off the back of trucks while unloading.  These slip and falls can lead to serious work injuries like injuries to your back and neck, concussions, knee injuries, shoulder injuries and more.  If you are denied benefits, fight back.  Call Mooney Law at 833-MOONEYLAW to fight for your Maryland Workers Compensation benefits.   Consultations are FREE.

Mark Buterbaugh

Attorney representing injured workers and Social Security Disability clients in Pennsylvania and Maryland.