Today is a day to honor the hard working, dedicated workers of this great Commonwealth and nation.  As an Attorney that represents injured workers, I wish many employers got to know the many employees I have come to represent over the years.


Unfortunately, through my work, I too often see the opposite.  I see dedicated workers who suffer an unfortunate accident on the job that caused significant injury, pain, and go through significant physical, emotional, and financial pain.  Many times, these employees are top producing employees, but once they suffer a work injury, they suddenly become expendable and their hard work and dedication is quickly forgotten, as they are seen now as nothing more than a liability.  Employees don’t get up In the morning, hoping for an injury, so they can stay home collecting only a portion of their pay, while fighting pain and trying to stay current on their mortgages or rent.

Work injuries are often times devastating.  Besides the pain, many injured workers suffer great financial loss and become emotionally distraught.  It’s a fact.  The suffering goes well beyond physical pain, which is often times debilitating.  They suddenly find themselves ignored and treated differently by their employers and bosses.  It’s gut wrenching.

Today, lets remember that production, sales, and profits are all derived from workers.  Without workers, without dedicated employees, success and profits don’t exist.  Let’s remember labor today.  Let’s honor our work forces.  Happy and healthy work forces make for increased production that leads to larger profits and a better economy.





Mark Buterbaugh

Attorney representing injured workers and Social Security Disability clients in Pennsylvania and Maryland.