Harrisburg plumbing company fined by OSHA

A Harrisburg area plumbing company, Williamson Plumbing, has been fined by OSHA for safety violations after a workers was injured while working in a trench.  The injury was caused by a trench collapse, which trapped the injured worker and caused the injured worker to have to be hospitalized.

After investigating, OSHA issued citations for what it called “one willful, six serious and one other-than-serious violations.”

The agency also issued citations to the company for failing to:

– keep excavated materials at least two feet from the edge of the trench.

– construct trenches in accordance with allowable slopes and configurations.

– ensure that a competent person inspected the trench.

– instruct employees in recognizing and avoiding unsafe conditions.

– maintain OSHA injury and illness records.

OSHA also proposes a penalty of $41,200, its news release said.

Willful serious offenses are just plain bothersome to me.   They often lead to serious injuries that are devastating to the injured worker, yet, in may situations, there are simple remedies by the employer that could have been made to prevent such accidents and injuries.

Mark Buterbaugh

Attorney representing injured workers and Social Security Disability clients in Pennsylvania and Maryland.