Maryland and Pennsylvania Workers Comp Benefits Are Different

Maryland and Pennsylvania workers compensation laws and procedural practice are actually quite different from one another.  The attorneys at Mooney Law are well versed in both practices.

The benefits offered to Maryland injured workers are different than in Pennsylvania.  In Maryland, an injured worker is entitled to benefits based on whether the injury corresponds to permanent disabilities or temporary disabilities.  That determination may be made by the Maryland Workers Compensation Commission.  An additional avenue of benefits is based on the severity of the injury. It may be determined by whether or not the injured worker will be able to work again and earn a living in the future.   Again, these may be based on partial disability to total disability.  Such considerations are not so in Pennsylvania.  Pennsylvania injured workers are eligible for wage loss benefits while they are out of work or suffering wage loss.  There is no impairment or future disability ratings in terms of wage loss benefits, in Pennsylvania. 

Here is a simplistic and quick view of a typical process in a Maryland work injury case.

First, an injured worker must file a claim with the Workers’ Compensation Commission.  To ensure you receive all your right to benefits, every injured worker should file a claim with the Commission.  Don’t assume because you received correspondence from an insurance carrier that you are good to go.  That could be a costly mistake.  Mooney Law can help you file you claim.

Second, while you are out of work due to your work injury, you may be entitled to up to 2/3 your weekly wage.  These benefits may continue as long you remain out of work.  To receive benefits, you MUST provide a note from your doctor placing you out of work.  It is important you obtain that note EACH time you go to the doctor.  Just because you receive a note from your first visit does not mean it continues to cover you on subsequent visits.  Get a note EACH time you go to the doctor.  Otherwise, your benefits could be jeopardized. 

Third, in Maryland, you are entitled to treat with any doctor of your choosing.   Maryland does not have a panel provision like Pennsylvania.  In Pennsylvania, if your claim is accepted, you may have to treat with a ‘panel’ provider for the first 90 days.  Not so in Maryland. 

Fourth, once you are released from your doctor’s care, Mooney Law works to bring your case to a resolution as quickly as possible. In Maryland, unlike Pennsylvania, you are entitled to compensation for any permanent injury related to your work injury.  When you are finished treating, Mooney Law can get you scheduled for an appointment with a doctor to rate and assess the permanency of disability you suffered as a result of the work injury.

After receiving the report regarding the percentage of permanency of your disability, Mooney Law will file for a hearing with the Commission so that you can be compensated.  After filing, you should expect to be scheduled with a doctor assigned by the insurance carrier.  You MUST attend this appointment.  Once both doctor reports are received, Mooney Law will start negotiations with the insurance carrier to try and resolve your claim.

Finally, if we are unable to resolve your claim, Mooney Law will represent you before the Commission at a hearing. You will testify.  We will prepare you to testify. 

Mooney Law has recovered tens of millions of dollars in benefits for Pennsylvania injured workers.  We will be there for you and bring the same vigor and zealous representation to Maryland injured workers. 

There are many nuances that can impact benefits.  If you have been injured at work in Maryland, do not hesitate to contact Mooney law for a FREE CONSULTATION.  The rights and benefits are too valuable to trust an insurance carrier, which has hostile interests to you.  Call today at 717-200-HELP or 833-MOONEYLAW. 

Mark Buterbaugh

Attorney representing injured workers and Social Security Disability clients in Pennsylvania and Maryland.