Mooney Law settles Carlisle slip and fall work injury for $110,000

Mooney Law recently settled a Carlisle workers comp case for $110,000.

This injured worker was a truck driver for a motor carrier in Carlisle. Carlisle is a booming area for the trucking industry with numerous motor carrier facilities and and distribution centers. While working, the trucker slipped and fell in inclement weather while climbing out of the truck. The trucker sustained injuries to the low back, but did not require any surgery. The employer and insurance carrier actually accepted the injury.

In this instance, the trucker did return to work in light duty, but then was placed out of work by the treating doctor. The trucker received weekly wage loss benefits while out of work. We were actually not in any litigation with this particular claim. The trucker came to us to simply watch over the case until the time was ripe to settle. As the injury was winding down, we were able to secure a workers compensation settlement of $110,000.

With winter weather on the way, it is time to think about safety while at work. I often see slip and falls during winter weather, whether it be from parking lots, sidewalks, getting and out of equipment, and getting in and out of trucks. Slips and falls easily happen in winter conditions. They can also be devastating. Take extra time and care and stay safe.

This injured worker came to me early on to watch over the claim and ensure that the insurance carrier acted appropriately and to possibly pursue a settlement when the timing was right. It cost the injured worker nothing to have us watch over the case.

If you have been injured at work, don’t trust the insurance carrier to represent your best interest. They don’t. Don’t trust the insurance carrier to pay you a settlement that is the true value of your case. They won’t. You want to know what your case is worth? Call Mooney Law today at 833-MOONEYLAW for a FREE CONSULTATION. We have 16 office locations throughout central Pennsylvania, including in downtown Carlisle.

Mark Buterbaugh

Attorney representing injured workers and Social Security Disability clients in Pennsylvania and Maryland.