Now representing Federal Employees in Federal Workers Compensation

Attorney Mark A. Buterbaugh, who currently manages and handles all of the firm’s Workers’ Compensation cases, has begun representing injured Federal Government employees, in Federal Workers Compensation. Attorney Buterbaugh will work aggressively to fight for and protect benefits that Federal employees are entitled to under the Federal Employees Compensation Act (FECA).

Currently, there are only limited amount of attorneys who handle Federal Workers Compensation claims nationally, let alone in Pennsylvania.  Most civilian federal employees in all three branches of the Federal government are covered under the Act, unless covered by Special Legislation or non-appropriated funds. In our area, that may include employees of the US Postal Service, Veterans Administration, Social Security Administration, civilian employees at the Letterkenny Army Depot, Carlisle War Barracks, New Cumberland Depot, Mechanicsburg Navy Base, and more.

The Federal Workers Compensation system was set up to be a non-adversarial system, but anyone that has been injured and filed claims under FECA, would tell you otherwise. Injured Federal employees may be entitled to continuation of pay, lost wages, schedule awards, survivor benefits, vocational rehabilitation benefits, and of course, medical benefits. The procedures are very specific and the burdens of proof are complex. That is precisely what it is in the best interest of an injured federal employee to seek the advice of an Attorney.

Work injuries can be devastating financially, physically, and emotionally. The same goes for injured employees of the Federal Government. Attorney Buterbaugh has helped recover millions of dollars in Workers Compensation benefits for injured workers in Central Pennsylvania, fighting for, winning, and protecting those valuable benefits. Federal Government employees deserve the same advocacy on their side. They should not have to talk to an Attorney across the state, or even in another state. They deserve representation right here in Central Pennsylvania. That is why Mooney & Associates is ready to handle your Federal Workers Compensation claim. Call us today at 1-877-632-4656 or 717-200-HURT to set up a FREE CONSULTATION, either in office, or by phone, with Attorney Buterbaugh to discuss your Workers Compensation or Federal Workers Compensation claim.

Mark Buterbaugh

Attorney representing injured workers and Social Security Disability clients in Pennsylvania and Maryland.