OSHA to crack down on Hospitals and Nursing Homes on work injuries

nursinghomeeeWhen you think of back and arm injuries at work, your first thought is probably heavy industry, foundries, or warehouse/distribution centers being the main source.  The real facts though show health care employees at hospitals and nursing homes as the number one source for work related back and arm injuries.  The Occupation Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) plans to do something about it.   They plan to launch a new program to address these frequent injuries and possibly implement enforcement, including fines.

It really isn’t surprising to me.  I currently represent and have represented in the past, many nurses, certified nursing assistants (CNAs) and licensed practical nurses (LPNs) for numerous injuries.  Frequently I see back, neck, and shoulder injuries, mostly occurring due to lifting patients or stopping patients from falling.  I also see slip and fall on wet floors.  Many of these injuries, initially described by the workers compensation carrier as strains/sprains, are realistically more serious injuries, including neck and back disc herniations, rotator cuff tears, elbow nerve injuries, and more.   Often times, these injuries occur despite proper lifting techniques and compliance with company protocols.

If that is not enough, often times, at least in the areas we service, nursing and personal care facilities react very negatively to injured employees.   Some do not comply with work restrictions.  Some treat injured workers in a more hostile manner.  Hopefully new enforcement procedures will go along way in helping protect these dedicated injured workers and also move companies toward more respectful approaches to injured workers.  The focus of this new program will be the rising risks of musculoskeletal disorders.

Many times work injuries at health care facilities are denied.  Other times, injured workers who have accepted injuries, are pressured or forced to return to work before they are recovered.  You don’t need to put up with it.  If you work in a nursing home or hospital and have been hurt on the job, CALL Mooney & Associates today.  Protect yourself and your workers compensation rights.  Mooney & Associates has offices scattered throughout South Central Pennsylvania.  We can meet you in the closest location to you.  I can assure you that your employer’s insurance carrier has adjusters and counsel looking over your workers compensation file, medical records, restrictions, etc…  You should have your own attorney ready to help you.  Call today for a FREE consultation.  Let’s talk.  1-877-632-4656.

Mark Buterbaugh

Attorney representing injured workers and Social Security Disability clients in Pennsylvania and Maryland.