Out Top Five Pennsylvania Workers Comp Posts for 2019

As we begin to wrap up 2019 and head full steam to 2020, we wanted to bring your attention to our top six Workers Comp posts of 2019.  Here they are in no particular order.

5 things to NOT DO when you are injured at work

Today, I will go over 5 things you should NOT DO when you are injured at work. Pennsylvania workers compensation cases can be quite complex and messy. Don’t contribute to making a mess in your case.

This is an important article.  I wrote this article because time and time again I have clients who come see me that tried to handle their workers compensation case on their own, and by the time they got to my office, they made a real mess of their case.  Again, and I repeat it often, do three immediate things when hurt on the job:  1) tell your employer you were hurt on the job; 2) seek medical care right away; and 3) call Mooney Law right away at 833-MOONEYLAW to protect your rights and benefits.

Facts About an IME Exam In Pennsylvania Workers Comp Cases

The most important thing to understand is that if you receive a notice of an IME exam, seek an experience Pennsylvania workers compensation attorney right away. The insurance carrier is paying for the examination and they have a reason to do so. It is usually the beginning of hostile action against your workers compensation case.

IME examinations cause a lot of stress for injured workers.  One thing that is for sure, if you receive notice of an independent medical examination for your work injury, Call Mooney Law right away.  In most instances, it is the beginning of hostile action by the workers compensation insurance carrier.

Five Common Work Injuries in Central Pennsylvania

First, let me say this. Whether you work for the actual distribution center or through a temporary agency at the distribution center, for purposes of workers compensation, it does not matter. You are covered by the Pennsylvania Workers Compensation Act.

The growth in Central Pennsylvania, one of the fastest growing areas in the Commonwealth, is in the warehouse and dsitr9bution sector.  Warehouses  are popping up all along the Interstate 81 corridor from Greencastle up through Mechanicsburg.  They have provided higher paying jobs for many Central Pennsylvanians, but with it comes common work injuries.  If you have been injured at a warehouse, call Mooney Law today for a FREE consultation at 833-MOONEYLAW.

Mooney Law now handles Maryland Workers Compensation

Mooney Law has fought for and won tens of millions of dollars for injured workers throughout Pennsylvania. We are excited to bring that same zealous reputation to injured workers in Maryland to fight for and protect the benefits they deserve.

Attorney Mark Buterbaugh, Managing Partner for Mooney Law, waived into the State of Maryland’s bar and now represents injured workers in Maryland, as well as Pennsylvania.  Mooney Law has offices near the Maryland border, from Waynesboro, to Gettysburg, to Hanover, to York.  He will bring the trusted experience and proven result sin Pennsylvania to injured workers in Maryland.

Failing to Disclose Preexisting Condition can be Detrimental to Workers Comp Claim

Often times, despite me asking in the client meeting about symptoms prior to the work injury, the client denies that to me as well. That puts me in a tremendous disadvantage. I have had clients deny prior problems in their testimony in front of a Workers Compensation Judge (WCJ). I have had clients deny prior problems to their own treating doctor and to the doctor who performs an independent medical examination on behalf of the insurance carrier. Each one of these scenarios can have a devastatingly negative impact on your case.

Hiding the fact you may have had prior treatment on your injured body part is just not a smart idea.  The insurance carrier’s attorney is going to find out.  Being honest and open upfront benefits your case way more in front of a Workers Compensation Judge.  Remember, the fact you had/have a preexisting condition is NOT a bar to workers comp benefits.  Aggravation of a preexisting condition IS a separate, distinct work injury.  If you have been denied workers compensation because your employer has told you that you had a preexisting condition or arthritis, call Mooney Law not to fight for your benefits at 833-MOONEYLAW.

Mooney Law represent injured workers in Pennsylvania and Maryland. Two things:  1)  Consultations for work injuries are always FREE; and 2) We don’t recover if you don’t recover.  In other words, we only get paid if you get paid.  Call today at 833-MOONEYLAW or 717-200-HELP.



Mark Buterbaugh

Attorney representing injured workers and Social Security Disability clients in Pennsylvania and Maryland.