PA Termination Petition: Will My Workers Comp Checks Stop?

When an employer/insurance carrier in Pennsylvania files a Termination Petition, what they are seeking is to immediately stop all end your Pennsylvania workers compensation benefits.  They are seeking to end wage loss and medical benefits.  You need legal expertise from an experienced Workers Comp attorney.

Why is a termination petition filed in my case?

In most cases, a termination petition is filed after you attended an independent medical examination.  You can read more about the facts about an IME, right here.  Despite ongoing pain, despite the fact you have work restrictions or are out of work completely, the IME doctor has found you to be fully recovered.  It anger so many clients, yet, it is common practice by Pennsylvania workers compensation insurance carriers.  Essentially, the insurance carriers are trying to limit their exposure and liability.

Will my wage loss check stop immediately?

If you receive a termination petition, your workers compensation claim is going into litigation.  You will receive a Notice of Hearing before a Workers Compensation Judge.  At the first hearing, the insurance carrier’s attorney will ask for and submit ‘supersedeas’ evidence.  Supersedeas is the formal request to stop your benefits immediately.  You will have to respond with evidence of your own, showing that you are not fully recovered.  If you do not submit such evidence, then supersedeas will be granted, and your wage loss benefits will stop immediately.

Your benefits are too important.  If you receive a termination petition in the mail, call Mooney law right away to protect your benefits.  If you receive a notice for an IME exam, you should call Mooney law right away.  The scheduling of an IME is the start of hostile action against your workers compensation claim.

Defeating a Termination Petition

The filing of a termination petition puts your workers compensation claim into litigation.  After supersedeas is dealt with, the termination petition moves forward in litigation.  The insurance carrier will take the deposition testimony of the IME doctor.  You will have to testify as the injured worker and submit medical evidence, usually a deposition testimony of your treating doctor, to show that you are not fully recovered.  The medical issues and testimony can get quite complex.

Why Mooney Law?

Mooney Law is proven, trusted, and experience in workers compensation litigation.  We have performed hundreds and hundreds of medical depositions.  We do several depositions every month.  We know the medical issues, we understand the medical conditions, and we know how to take effective doctor depositions.

Our primary purpose is to not just settle your case so we get a fee.  Sure, we seek settlements for injured workers, but that is not our primary goal.  Our primary goal is to fight to protect your benefits and get you the medical treatment you need to get better.  We take many cases to decision and are not afraid to do so.

We have recovered tens of millions of dollars for injured workers across Pennsylvania.  And we stand ready to help you!  Our workers compensation consultations are always free.    Unless we recover benefits for you, we don’t get paid.  It is that simple.  Call us today for a FREE CONSULTATION at 833-MOONEYLAW or at 717-200-HELP.  With 14 offices spread across Central Pennsylvania, we will meet you at the location nearest to you.  You can view our locations here.

Mark Buterbaugh

Attorney representing injured workers and Social Security Disability clients in Pennsylvania and Maryland.