Georgia-Pacific coming to Shippensburg, Pennsylvania?

Georgia-Pacific coming to Shippensburg? - Mooney & Associates Georgia-Pacific, one of the world's leading manufacturers of paper products, such as Angel Soft, Brawny, Sparkle, and Dixie, is considering two locations for a regional distribution center in Shippensburg, Pennsylvania.   The plans were presented last night before the Shippensburg School Board.  As a member of the School Board, I sat through the presentation and will be asked to vote on a LERTA, a property tax incentive program. Georgia-Pacific presented two different…

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Procter Gamble set to add hundreds of jobs in Shippensburg

Procter Gamble is the midst of building one of the largest warehouses in Pennsylvania right in Shippensburg.  Below is a picture of the huge warehouse. The facility is expected to be open by early fall 2014.  The distribution center is expected to employ over 960 employees, providing another shot int he arm to the Shippensburg and Chambersburg areas.   Given the healthy employment rates in Franklin and Cumberland County, the facility will likely draw new people into the area. The…

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Pennsylvania Unemployment Rate Falls for Ninth Straight Month

For the ninth consecutive month, the Pennsylvania unemployment rate has declined.  The current unemployment rate is 5.7% and has not been at that level since April of 2008.  In the month of April, Pennsylvania added 23,000 jobs statewide.   Here is a breakdown of where the increase in jobs came from.  One year ago, in April 2013, Pennsylvania unemployment rate was at 7.6%. Total nonfarm %jobs grew by 10,900 in April to reach 5,768,800, the highest level since October 2008. The…

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PA Supreme Court upholds Attorney-Expert privilege

A divided Pennsylvania Supreme Court has affirmed the Attorney-Expert privilege rule that protects communications between a treating doctor in a persona injury suit and Plaintiff's legal counsel, if the treating doctor will be the case  expert.  The PA Supreme Court affirmed by a 3-3 split vote, in upholding a 2011 ruling by the Pennsylvania Superior Court, that barred an Orthopedic in Cumberland County from turning over correspondence between the Orthopedic Doctor and Plaintiff's counsel. “These rules attempt to balance the…

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Central Pennsylvania Social Security Disability and Waiting for a Hearing

The Harrisburg Office of Adjudication for Social Security Disability appeals, which serves Central Pennsylvania, is swamped with back log. One of the very first questions that I am asked by a potential social security client is how long the process will take.  That's a fair question.  Most people applying for social security disability (SSD) obviously are in severe financial distress.  They are applying because they can no longer work. Unfortunately, if you have severe medical condition that does not permit…

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Reporting a work injury in Pennsylvania

Often, I hear stories from clients that they were told by Supervisors that if a work injury is not reported within 24 hours of occurrence, then they lose their workers compensation rights.  Not only is the practice deceptive, but it is also legally incorrect. The PA Workers Compensation Act is specific in requirements to report an injury to your employer.  The Act states that an employee has 21 days from he date of injury to report the injury to the…

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Injured at work and layoff in Pennsylvania

Often times, I get calls from injured workers, who return to work, and are then subsequently laid off due to slow down or job elimination.  It is a frequent occurrence.    The questions always revolves around the workers compensation issue and entitlement to benefits. The more typical scenario here involves a plant or warehouse and a typical slowdown period where shifts are laid off.  Often, employers will instruct injured workers to apply for unemployment compensation benefits during the layoff period.…

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Torcomp bringing jobs to Chambersburg

TorComp, a Brazilian company, will be breaking ground on a new facility in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania.  The new facility is expected to bring 73 new manufacturing jobs to Chambersburg.  The facility will be built in the Cumberland Valley Business Park at Letterkenny. The new facility makes sense for TorComp to come to Chambersburg.  They are a major supplied for Volvo Construction Equipment.  Volvo's North American Corporate headquarter and major manufacturing facility is base din Shippensburg, Pennsylvania. The initial announcement came from…

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Workers Compensation Judge Changes in Central Pennsylvania

The Pennsylvania Depart of Labor & Industry and the Workers Compensation Office of Adjudication has announced new Workers Compensation Judge appointments and changes in locations for some judges, some of which involve workers compensation practice in Central Pennsylvania.  Mooney & Associates represents injured workers are the following hearing locations:  Chambersburg, Harrisburg, Gettysburg, York, and Lancaster.  Some of the changes announced by the Department effect these hearing locations. Here are those changes: Harrisburg welcomes a new Judge.  We welcome Honorable Jeffrey…

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Camp Hill Walmart hiring 200

A new Walmart opening in Camp Hill, PA is hiring 200 employees.  If interested, you can apply at the temporary location for hiring located at Hartzdale Drive, Suite 110. Applications will be accepted from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday. The store will be hiring both full and part time positions. For more information, click the Walmart link here.  

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