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Beware of the Season for Quick Pennsylvania Workers Comp Settlements

We are approaching the end of 2022, and thus the season that workers’ compensation insurance carriers like to close out files. That means insurance carriers will frequently offer small settlements to close out files. I urge caution for Pennsylvania injured workers. Settling workers’ compensation cases should be a complex process. It is imperative to be sure that settlement is in YOUR best interest. It is imperative to be sure settlement amount is fair and reasonable, that unpaid medical bills are…

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Pennsylvania Work Injuries Can Be Expanded Beyond Original Injury

Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation litigation often focuses on description of the injury. Logically, insurance carrier’s attempt to narrow and limit the injury description as much as possible. However, workers’ compensation cases are not always cut and dry either. I recently won a case involving an injured worker who worked at an Amazon Distribution Center. My client sustained an injury to her ankle when a box hit her in that back of her ankle. The injury was accepted as an Achilles injury.…

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Two New Workers’ Comp Reviews

I recently received two new reviews on AVVO from two clients.  These type of reviews are so appreciated. I hired Mark to make sure my workmans comp case was taken care of. And he and his paralegal did just that. Very professional and know What they are doing. Great outcome at settlement as well. Look no further than mark for all your needs! and Mark helped me with my workers compensation case. He was very helpful and honest which I…

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I won my Workers Comp case — now what?

I won my workers’ compensation case. Is it finally over? The answer to that question is --- NO. Let me explain. I explain to my clients after successfully winning a claim petition, or for that matter, any petition, that the headaches and frustration of the litigation process are over, but only temporarily. First, to deal with the matter of an appeal, whenever a party loses before a Workers’ Compensation Judge (WCJ), the other party has a right to appeal that…

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A few recent client reviews

Here are a few recent client reviews I received from a few of my injured workers I represented. Mark Buterbaugh was amazing. He went above and beyond any of my expectations. His paralegal Brittany Rice are a great team. Thank you for everything. and Mark Buterbaugh represented me in my workman's comp case. He was very thorough in his explanations and helped me understand every aspect of my case. I would definitely recommend Mark Buterbaugh! and I was recently represented…

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Quick take on a Workers Comp IME

Here are some quick words about an IME, otherwise known as an Independent Medical Examination. If you are injured at work and receiving wage las benefits and get a notice for an Independent Medical Examination, call Mooney Law right away for a free consultation.  You can call us at 717-200-HELP or 717-632-4656.  You can also visit our website at to schedule a free consultation.

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Warehouse development continues in Shippensburg

Shippensburg remains a hot bed for continued warehouse growth along Interstate 81 exits 24 and 29.  Recently, Walmart opened a 2,000,000 square foot distribution center off Exit 24.  The distribution center is expected to have around 600 employees.  You can take a look at some pictures here of what the Walmart distribution center looks like inside.  The facility is now open and is to become a critical fulfillment center. This fulfillment center, rather than just warehousing goods, will be focused…

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Another Amazon Employee death in Carlisle

Another employee has died in a workplace accident at the Carlisle distribution center.  It is the second death in Carlisle since 2017 and one of many across the nation.  These type of tragic accidents has led to a Federal investigation of by Federal prosecutors and OSHA. Through the years of representing injured workers across Pennsylvania and Maryland, these are by far the most heartbreaking for me.  This employee was just 22 years old.  He had worked at's…

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Don’t Put Up With Late Workers’ Comp Checks

Injured workers already receive reduced income based on a certain percentage of gross weekly wages, as defined by the Pennsylvania Department of Labor. Work injuries are already devastating enough, physically, emotionally, and mentally. It can also be financially devastating when insurance companies do not send workers’ compensation checks in a timely manner. So what can you do it if your workers’ compensation checks are late? Or infrequent? Or, they simply just stop paying? Just like everyone else, injured workers still…

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Are Medical Records Important in my Workers Comp Case?

Are Medical Records Important in my Workers Comp Case?  Yes, they are very important. Let’s discuss why. First and foremost, medical records are used by me to determine if we have a prima facie (first look) case to file a claim. That means, do the medical records document a work-related injury. Why else are medical records important? Your medical records should include an injury description, or a history, that you provide the doctor. More on that below. Your doctor may…

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