Pennsylvania Notice of Injury to your Employer

I often get clients in my office that have either not told their employer about their work injury or told their employer about A injury, but failed to mention is happened at work.  Those are mistakes.  It is imperative that you tell your employer about your injury AND that it occurred at work.  Failure to do so can result in an unnecessary issuance of a denial.

First, there is no requirement that notice of an injury be in writing. You can verbally tell your supervisor.  However, in writing is the bets means of notice because of proof of notice, if needed.  Simply telling your employer without witnesses can result in your employer denying you ever told them.  Simply insistent on an Employee Injury Report form your supervisor.  When you get your first medical treatment, be sure to tell your doctor that it is work related and that you informed your employer.

Always remember when providing notice of injury to your employer to be unequivocally indicate that you are in pain and that you believe it is the result of a work injury or work activities.  Remember as well, informing a non-supervisory co-workers is not notice to the employer.  Tell your supervisor, or better yet, your human resources office.  Write the name of person down that you informed of your injury.

After you provide notice to your employer and get medical treatment set up, your next step should be to contact Mooney & Associates to protect your workers compensation rights.  They are too important to go it alone.  Your employer and workers compensation insurance carrier has attorneys reviewing your file, why shouldn’t you?   Call today for a FREE CONSULTATION at 1-877-632-4656 or email us at

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