Pennsylvania Releases 2024 Average Weekly Wage Rates

The Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry has released the 2024 average weekly wage rates. The Department set the maximum weekly compensation rate at $1,325.00, an increase of $52.00 per week over the 2023 rate. That maximum rate means no matter how high your average weekly wage is, no injured worker will receive over $1325.00 per week. If your AWW is between $736.11 and $993.75, then the weekly compensation rate is set at $662.50. If your AWW is below $736.11, then your weekly compensation rate is 90% of your average weekly wage If you average weekly wage is higher than $993.76, then your weekly compensation rate will be 2/3 your average weekly wage. It is important to note that the average weekly wage is set at the time of injury. That rate is not impacted by raises, cost of living adjustments, or anything. It is set for the duration of your work-related injury.
How is the injured workers’ average weekly wage determine?

Your compensation rate is based on your gross average earnings before taxes are taken out. For injured workers who have been employed more than three consecutive 13 week periods, the average weekly wage is calculated by taking the three highest 13 week periods out of the last four 13 week periods, immediately preceding the date of injury. If you have been employed for less time, then the average weekly wage is determined by dividing by the 13 the total wages earned for any complete 13 week period preceding the date of injury. Finally, if the injured worker has been employed less than 13 weeks, then the average weekly wage is determined by the hourly rate multiplied by hours worked or expected to be worked in a week.

Calculations of the average weekly wage can be fact sensitive. The amount can be disputed before a Workers’ Compensation Judge. By way of example, let’s assume you were injured after working just three weeks. Let’s also assume you worked 40 hours per week those three weeks at a $25.00 hourly rate. Your average weekly wage would be $1000.00 per week ($25.00 X 40 hours). Looking above at the approved wage rates, you would have a compensation rate of $667.00, since you average weekly wage is higher than $993.75, you would be paid 2/3 your average weekly wage. Additionally, other monetary items included in the average weekly wage calculation are gross wages including overtime, bonuses, tips that you reported to the IRS, vacation pay, and even payments for lodging.

Making sure the average weekly wage is calculated properly is critical in a workers’ compensation case. Here is why the calculation of the AWW is so critical.

Let’s assume you get hurt at work in 2024 and your AWW was calculated to be $600.00 per week. Based on the rate chart released by the Pennsylvania Department of Labor, that would provide a weekly disability compensation rate of 90% of $600.00 per week, which would make the compensation rate to be $540.00 per week. Let’s assume the case settles for two years of disability. That would provide a settlement value of $56,160.00. Now, let’s again assume that the AWW was not calculated correctly. Let’s assume the insurance carrier had wrong wage information and was unaware of bonuses or overtime. Let’s assume the AWW should have been $750.00 per week. Looking above, you wage rate should have been $662.50. A two-year settlement at $662.50 per week would be $68, 902.08. That’s a $12,742.085 mistake. In addition, if you were on weekly benefits prior to settlement, those benefits would also been higher if the correct average weekly wage was determined. Ensuring your average weekly wage is calculated correctly is absolutely critical to you.

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Mark Buterbaugh

Attorney representing injured workers and Social Security Disability clients in Pennsylvania and Maryland.