While Pennsylvania Workers Comp rates improve, work injuries remain

Governor Tom Wolf announced that Pennsylvania Workers Compensation rates improved, yet again.  Pennsylvania fell from 17th in down to 26th in workers compensation insurance costs for businesses.  That is a pretty big jump and shows that Pennsylvania is more attractive to business and has a friendly business environment.  In fact, check out how many insurance carriers offer workers compensation coverage in Pennsylvania.

“More than 325 companies offer workers’ compensation insurance coverage in Pennsylvania,” said Insurance Commissioner Teresa Miller, in a statement. “This means employers are able to find attractive, cost-efficient options for this vital insurance.”

Despite costs being down, my practice certainly has not seen a drop in work injuries in Central Pennsylvania.  Perhaps it is the area we live in, in South Central Pennsylvania.  As reported in the Chambersburg Public Opinion, Franklin County will continue to see emerging growth.   It is not hard to believe that.  All we have to do it look around at the development that has begun in Shippensburg along Interstate 81, the growth in Exit 17 in Chambersburg, and the continued health of the Chambersburg Interstate 81 area.

For Shippensburg, the United Business Park off Exit 24 is set for development and expansion in 2017.

New Jersey-based Matrix Development Group purchased 205 acres of the United Business Park near Shippensburg. Matrix plans to build two warehouse with 2.7 million square feet under roof. Matrix owns the World Kitchen warehouse in Greencastle.

Texas Stock Tabs is constructing a 100,000 square foot factory at the United Business Park at Exit 24 of Interstate 81, Shippensburg. The project will result in the preservation of 75 jobs. The company currently has a plant on Wayne Avenue in Chambersburg.

Shippensburg already experiences low unemployment due to a healthy Central Pennsylvania economy.  However, Shippensburg has added jobs through the recent development of Procter & Gamble distribution center off Exit 24 and the Georgia Pacific distribution center off Exit 29.  Matrix land developer now plans to add two large warehouses right off Exit 24.  That will obviously create more jobs.  It will also continue to raise work injuries.  Warehouses and distribution centers are a hot bed for work injuries due to the heavy and repetitive nature of those positions.  To see read more about common warehouse injuries, link here.

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Mark Buterbaugh

Attorney representing injured workers and Social Security Disability clients in Pennsylvania and Maryland.