Staffing Agencies and workers compensation in Pennsylvania

Is an injured workers who works for a temporary agency covered by workers compensation benefits?  Its a question I am often asked. The answer is — more than likely, yes.

injuryThere are some instances where an individual working for a staffing agency may very well be an independent contractor, and thus not covered by the Workers Compensation Act.  We can help answer those questions for you.  However, in most instances, especially in our area, you will likely be covered with workers compensation benefits if you are hurt on the job.

This area has been driven by manufacturing, distribution centers, and warehouse development along the Interstate 81 Corridor in Greencastle, Chambersburg, Shippensburg, and Carlisle areas.  There are also many distribution centers, warehouses, and manufacturing facilities in the Gettysburg, York, New Oxford, and Hanover areas.  For instance, in Shippensburg, Procter & Gamble built a huge distribution center off Interstate 81 at Exit 24 that employs over 500 people, and is expected to employ over 1,000 later this year or early next year.  Just a handful of employees are actually employed by Procter & Gamble.  Several different staffing agencies provide employees, which is dependent upon the function of the jobs.  These employees are covered under the Workers Compensation Act.

Many of these distribution centers and warehouses hire employees through staffing agencies.  In most cases, these types of employees are covered by benefits.  Many of our manufacturing facilities in our area start employees out on a temporary status, through a staffing agency.  Again, in most cases, these types of employees will be covered by benefits.

One aspect that seems to confuse injured workers who work for a staffing agency in a large warehouse is who their actual employer is, in other words, who is responsible for covering them for workers compensation purposes.  In most cases, the staffing agency provides the workers compensation coverage and is the actual employer.  That is important.  It is important for an injured employee to understand that since the temporary agency is the actual employer, besides reporting the injury to your supervisor, who is likely an employee of the facility your work at, it is equally important to report the injury to the staffing agency with whom you are employed.

We represent many injured workers throughout Central Pennsylvania that are employed with various staffing/temporary agencies.  Often times, these injuries are denied by staffing agencies. if you have been hurt at work, don’t risk it.  Contact Mooney & Associates right away for a FREE consultation.  It costs you absolutely nothing.  Your rights and benefits are too valuable to put at risk.  Your employer’s insurance adjuster and their counsel are reviewing your file and investigating your claim.  Don’t you have that same security?   Call Mooney & Associates toll-free at 1-877-632-4656 or use our contact information provided on this website.

Mark Buterbaugh

Attorney representing injured workers and Social Security Disability clients in Pennsylvania and Maryland.