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Mooney Law helps clients apply for SSD benefits

Applying for Social Security Disability benefits can be confusing and complex. Besides the multitude of paperwork, it also includes providing medical records, wage information, employment information, and other information, for the Social Security Administration to be able to make an informative decision on your initial application for SSD benefits. At Mooney Law, we can help you with your initial SSD application. Do you have questions about whether applying for benefits is right for you? Do you have questions about the…

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After multiple denials, you can win Social Security Benefits

There is a misnomer out there that obtaining Social Security Disability (SSD) or Social Security Supplemental Income benefits (SSI) is easy.  We all 'know' a neighbor or friend that has SSD or SSI benefits, but hey, they look fine to me.  Remember one important thing, you don't know their story. Fact is --- it isn't easy.   Just take a look at these numbers.  The current approval rate at the initial application level is 36%.  That means if you apply…

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Social Security Disability Hearings Tips

Here we provide social security disability hearing tips and advice.  Many of my clients express anxiety, stress, fear, and nervousness toward their upcoming hearing for Social Security Disability benefits.  Unlike Workers Compensation, where an injured worker may testify twice, with social security disability hearings, there is one hearing.  Claimants have one shot to convince an otherwise skeptical administrative law judge that they are indeed disabled and unable to work full time. Here are some tips we provide to our clients as they prepare for their disability…

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