Five Common Work Injuries in Central Pennsylvania

We are seeing more common work injuries in our area due to the type of economic growth happening in our area.  Central Pennsylvania has witnessed a boom in warehouse and distribution center development.  You can see the growth along Interstate 81 in Greencastle, Chambersburg, Shippensburg, Newville, and Carlisle.  With that development comes labor intensive jobs and ultimately an increase in […]

In Pennsylvania, what happens to Medicare Set Aside Funds

You may have heard about Medicare Set Aside agreements when it comes to Workers Compensation lump sum settlements.  They are complex and confusing too many.  Let me try and help explain a little about this complex area of law. First, when is a Medicare Set Aside agreement required as part of a structured workers compensation settlement?  Generally, with a worker’s compensation […]

While Pennsylvania Workers Comp rates improve, work injuries remain

Governor Tom Wolf announced that Pennsylvania Workers Compensation rates improved, yet again.  Pennsylvania fell from 17th in down to 26th in workers compensation insurance costs for businesses.  That is a pretty big jump and shows that Pennsylvania is more attractive to business and has a friendly business environment.  In fact, check out how many insurance carriers offer workers compensation coverage […]

Winter Weather brings Slip and Fall Injuries in Central Pennsylvania

With winter weather right around the corner, slip and fall injuries in Central Pennsylvania become all too frequent.  Employees need to be cognizant of winter weather.  Often, when snow and ice are on the ground, it inevitably leads to slip and fall injuries at work.   Central Pennsylvania is home to a healthy array of warehouses, manufacturing, and trucking facilities. […]

US Dept of Labor: States failing injured workers

The United States Department of Labor issued a scathing report on how states handle their workers compensation systems and the fact that injured workers are often led into poverty, because of an injury on the job.  The report recommends additional Federal Government oversight to help injured workers overcome state deficiencies in state systems. Four reasons I note here from the […]

Happy Labor Day Pennsylvania!

One thing I have learned through my years of dedicating my practice to representing injured workers is the fact we have a strong labor work ethic in Pennsylvania.  I see it everyday. The misnomer out there is that injured workers want to just sit on workers compensation benefits.  That is just not accurate.  Many injured workers that I represent want […]

Working and Social Security Disability

I am going to start a small mini-series of blog posts on Social Security Disability.  Here is the first installment, centered around the new Substantial Gainful Activity earnings amount. I often get asked whether a person has has applied for or been approved for Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits can work within their restrictions or abilities.  The quick answer is, […]

Cuts to Social Security Disability Could Be Coming

If Congress does not act, people already struggling on Social Security Disability (SSD) could see their checks reduced by as much as 20%.  At this point, by then end of fourth quarter 2016, the Social Security Administration would have just enough funds to fund slightly over 80% of current recipient costs. The cuts would most immediately affect the 10.9 million […]

Social Security Benefits to increase by 1.7%

Older and disabled Americans will see a 1.7% cost of living adjustment for their benefits for the year 2015.   The 1.7% increase marks the third consecutive year that the COLA for social security beneficiaries is held under 2%. The government announced the benefit increase today.  The increase is based on the latest measure of consumer prices.  The Social Security […]