Pennsylvania elbow work injuries

In Pennsylvania, elbow work injuries can be covered by workers’ compensation. Hurting your elbow at work is not uncommon. Many times these can be serious injuries that could require surgical intervention. How do elbow work injuries usually occur? Like many joint related injuries, such as the shoulder, ankle, and knee, these injuries can happen in a variety of ways. Common type of activities that cause traumatic elbow injuries are lifting heavy items, banging the elbow into something, and slipping and…

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It’s Labor Rights Week in Pennsylvania and across the Nation

From August 29 to September 4, 2016, the nation celebrates Labor Rights Week.  Specifically,

During Labor Rights Week, we remind ALL those that work in the United States of their right to:

A safe and healthy workplace free of obvious hazards

Fair wages — including overtime pay and the federal minimum wage

Say something to your employer about unsafe conditions or unfair wages

Far too many times, we have seen workers that we represent injured from unsafe and hazardous conditions.  Often, these types of conditions have simple solutions and fixes, but some employers chose to ignore them, putting workers at unnecessary risks.   (more…)

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