In Pennsylvania, Seven DO NOTS When Attending an IME

Independent Medical Examinations are frequent in workers compensation cases in Pennsylvania.  Just a few quick words about an IME.  First, they are not ‘independent’ exams.  These are exams scheduled by the workers’ compensation insurance carrier, with a doctor they choose, and scheduled most often for very specific reasons.  Those reasons may include attempt to get a full recovery opinion, to […]

7 Reasons why Injured Workers seek Legal Counsel

You get injured at work.   As you seek medical treatment, deal with this form and that form, and your pain, your future, your financial well being, and your job all swirl around in your mind, you likely think — should I contact a workers’ compensation attorney? The clear answer is — YES.  A workers’ compensation claim can very complex, both […]

Must I attend an IME Exam in Pennsylvania?

The questions I get from clients and potential clients are — what is an Independent Medical Examination, otherwise known as an IME, and must I attend the examination? First, what is an IME examination?  In workers compensation litigation, both the Claimant and the Employer are provided an opportunity to litigate, or “put on”, their case.  Many cases revolve around medical […]

What is an Independent Medical Examination (IME)?

Often I get questions from injured workers asking if they have to attend an independent medical examination, otherwise known as an IME.  The quick answer to that questions is — Yes.  The workers compensation insurance carrier is entitled to have an injured worker examined by a doctor of their choosing every six months.   Insurance carriers typically like to refer […]