Maryland Workers Comp: What is a Consideration Date?

There are stark differences between Pennsylvania and Maryland in terms of the Workers Compensation systems.  Vast differences.  In the beginning of a Maryland claim, one term that injured workers see often is “consideration date’.  There is no such thing in Pennsylvania. Sort of.  So what is this ‘consideration date’? Firs, in Maryland, once a claim is filed, the Maryland Workers’ […]

Does Maryland Workers Compensation cover slip and falls at work?

Slip and fall accidents that occur at work in Maryland are indeed covered by the Maryland Workers Compensation Statute.  Similarly to Pennsylvania, Maryland has a no-fault workers compensation  statute.  Winter is here, accidents happen, and Mooney Law stands ready to protect your rights and benefits in Maryland and Pennsylvania. What does it mean that the statute is no-fault?  It simply […]

Mooney Law now handles Maryland Workers Compensation

Mooney Law now will be handling Maryland Workers Compensation cases.  I recently waived in and was admitted to practice in Maryland and am now part of the Maryland State Bar and can actively handle Maryland Workers Compensation cases before the Maryland Workers Compensation Commission.  Mooney Law has several South Central Pennsylvania offices that are in close proximity to Maryland, including […]

Injured Workers Should Be Aware of Settlement Offers

It is that time.  With 2018 on the horizon, businesses are trying to get some loose ends tied up before the calendar turns.  Workers compensation insurance carriers are the same way.   They like to close out as many claims as possible to not carry them into the next year.  That means you may get an offer to settle your workers […]