Why do I have to resign if I settle my workers compensation case?

One of the hard ‘facts’ of a Pennsylvania workers’ compensation settlement is the ‘requirement’ to resign from employment to accept a settlement.  Is it a requirement under the Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Act?  No.  It is usually a requirement of the workers’ compensation insurance carrier and/or the employer. Pennsylvania workers’ compensation settlements are done by Compromise and Release Agreements.  They are negotiated with the insurance carrier and employer.  They value each case differently based on a multitude of factors.  You can…

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In Pennsylvania, Seven DO NOTS When Attending an IME

Independent Medical Examinations are frequent in workers compensation cases in Pennsylvania.  Just a few quick words about an IME.  First, they are not ‘independent’ exams.  These are exams scheduled by the workers’ compensation insurance carrier, with a doctor they choose, and scheduled most often for very specific reasons.  Those reasons may include attempt to get a full recovery opinion, to deny medical treatment, or to return the injured worker back to work.  You can read more about IMEs right here.…

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PA and MD Workers Comp Hearings Happening Remotely

Pennsylvania and Maryland workers compensation claims are moving forward, despite both state labor departments being closed.  Both are functioning remotely. The Office of Adjudication within the Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry, issued the following briefing on operations moving forward: Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Office of Adjudication will be continuing operations on a modified telephone-only hearing schedule effective Monday, March 30, 2020.  This modified protocol will permit WCJ's to process disputes and permit parties to litigate pending cases…

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Chambersburg Workers Compensation Lawyer

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Attorney Mark Buterbaugh is a Chambersburg Workers Compensation Lawyer. FREE CONSULTATIONS for workers compensation for Chambersburg injured workers. Attorney Mark Buterbaugh, selected as a Super Lawyer and a Rising Star in Pennsylvania by the national magazine Super Lawyers, is also a Managing Partner at Mooney Law.  Mooney Law vigorously represents injured workers in Chambersburg.  He has a full workers compensation practice that includes litigation and obtaining fair lump sum settlement for Chambersburg injured workers, but only if it is in…

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