Why do I have to resign if I settle my workers compensation case?

One of the hard ‘facts’ of a Pennsylvania workers’ compensation settlement is the ‘requirement’ to resign from employment to accept a settlement.  Is it a requirement under the Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Act?  No.  It is usually a requirement of the workers’ compensation insurance carrier and/or the employer. Pennsylvania workers’ compensation settlements are done by Compromise and Release Agreements.  They are […]

New Orthopedic Practice Coming to Central Pennsylvania

Central Pennsylvania will get a new choice in Orthopedic services in Central Pennsylvania.  UPMC announced that they will be opening a new Orthopedic practice in Enola on April 1, 2020. “The new UPMC West Shore Orthopaedics practice further strengthens our network of employed and independent orthopaedic providers committed to giving our patients exceptional spine, bone and joint care,” said Philip […]

Injured at Work and Pain and Suffering in Pennsylvania

When a person is injured at work in Pennsylvania, are they entitled to pain and suffering?  Are they entitled to future lost wages?  What about punitive damages?  There seems to be an assumption that an injured worker in Pennsylvania is entitled to be paid for time out of work (wage loss benefits), have their medical bills paid, and receive pain […]

Maryland Workers Comp Blog

At Mooney Law, we handle both Pennsylvania and Maryland workers compensation cases and I have provided a Maryland workers compensation blog that focuses on Maryland job injuries.  This blog is mostly focused on Pennsylvania workers compensation.  Pennsylvania and Maryland workers compensation benefits, procedures, and systems are quite different from one another. If you have been injured at work in Maryland, […]

Workers Comp grinds to halt with COVID-19

By order of the Governor of Pennsylvania, the Commonwealth government is shut down for two weeks for all non-essential employees.  As a result, all workers compensation hearings are postponed to at least March 30.   The Bureau of Workers Compensation is working through a process that Compromise and Release (settlement) hearings can still take place by telephone. Mooney Law will keep […]

Is my Pennsylvania work injury covered by workers comp?

Generally, if you were hurt on the job,  you may be entitled to workers compensation benefits.   I say generally, because in most cases, work injuries are covered.  Are there instances where a work injury may not be compensable under the Pennsylvania Workers Compensation Act?  Yes, there are certain defined employer affirmative defenses that could potentially cause your work injury to […]

Mooney Law settles Carlisle slip and fall work injury for $110,000

Mooney Law recently settled a Carlisle workers comp case for $110,000. This injured worker was a truck driver for a motor carrier in Carlisle. Carlisle is a booming area for the trucking industry with numerous motor carrier facilities and and distribution centers. While working, the trucker slipped and fell in inclement weather while climbing out of the truck. The trucker […]