Social Security Disability Hearings Tips

Here we provide social security disability hearing tips and advice.  Many of my clients express anxiety, stress, fear, and nervousness toward their upcoming hearing for Social Security Disability benefits.  Unlike Workers Compensation, where an injured worker may testify twice, with social security disability hearings, there is one hearing.  Claimants have one shot to convince an otherwise skeptical administrative law judge that they are indeed disabled and unable to work full time. Here are some tips we provide to our clients as they prepare for their disability…

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Why is a Vocational Expert at my Social Security Disability Hearing?

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So why is a Vocational Expert at my social security hearing?  When you go to a Social Security Disability hearing, in most normal circumstances, besides myself and you, also in the hearing room is the Judge, a Court Reporter, who records all testimony, and a Vocational Expert.  A what?

Purpose of a Vocational Expert

A Vocational Expert (here in referred to as the ‘VE’) is called by the Social Security Administration to be an expert in your hearing.  There are several purposes for a VE.

First, the VE helps the Judge classify your past relevant work.  That is specifically work you have performed over the past 15 years.  It is important to classify it correctly.  The work you performed  will be classified not only as ‘customarily’ performed, but also as ACTUALLY performed.  For example, a job you may have performed in the past may be classified as Light work, but you may have actually performed the job as medium, depending on how heavy you had to perform the job.  That classification can be critical.  I can of course help solidify proper classification. (more…)

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