For Workers, “Disability” Can Mean Two Different Things

Often times, I have clients who are confused by the general term ‘disability’. Where does the confusion come from? It comes from what they actually mean by applying for or being on ‘disability’. Let me explain. When a person who has worked all their lives suddenly can no longer work due to a disabling condition, the first though is to […]

Your Medical Records and Social Security Disability

What appears in your medical records will be absolutely critical for Social Security Disability. Why? The statutes and regulations governing Social Security Disability (SSD) provides ultimate authority on the determination if you meet the definition of disabled to the Social Security Administration. In making that determination, there is a review of your medical records of the medical providers that you […]

Mooney Law helps clients apply for SSD benefits

SSD Benefits

Applying for Social Security Disability benefits can be confusing and complex. Besides the multitude of paperwork, it also includes providing medical records, wage information, employment information, and other information, for the Social Security Administration to be able to make an informative decision on your initial application for SSD benefits. At Mooney Law, we can help you with your initial SSD […]

Common Mistakes Made When Applying for Social Security Disability

Applying for social security disability can be confusing, complex, time consuming, and frustrating.  Furthermore, the process can be daunting because, on average, 70% of all applications are denied.   So what are the common mistakes made when applying for social security disability benefits?    Incomplete Work History.  Work history and whether an applicant can perform past relevant work is important in […]

Mooney Law: A Pennsylvania Disability law practice

Mooney Law represents clients throughout Pennsylvania and is a full Pennsylvania Disability Law practice. What do we mean by that? At Mooney Law, we represent disabled clients in the following areas: Pennsylvania Workers Compensation: We represent injured workers throughout Pennsylvania. We have a full workers compensation litigation practice, from litigating denied injuries, to defending against employer petitions to terminate or […]

What is the rule on work credits for Social Security Disability?

SSD Benefits

To be eligible for social security disability, you must have enough work credits.  As you may recall reading here, SSDI (Social Security Disability) and SSI (Social Security Supplemental Income) are entirely two different programs.  Briefly, SSI is a needs based program, has no work credit requirements, has an asset limitation, and has a maximum amount it can pay an individual […]

Count on Mooney for Long Term Disability Insurance Appeals

Some employers offer employees both short-term and long-term disability insurance.  These benefits are provided to an employee when the employees is out of work for disability purposes. Short term disability insurance usually range between 9 and 26 weeks of payments (usually a certain percentage of your wages) for an individual who is unable to work.  If the company offers and […]

With Social Security Disability, seriousness of the condition is important, not the diagnosis

Sometimes I get a new client calling to inquire about social security disability benefits because the have been diagnosed with diabetes, or MS, or fibromyalgia, or any medical diagnosis of a medical condition.  I think some clarification is needed about what the Social Security Administration (SSA) and/or the Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) consider in awarding or denying an applicant social […]

Working ‘under the table’ can devastate you financially if you become disabled

SSD Benefits

Besides the fact that it is illegal to work ‘under the table’ because you are evading paying income taxes, it can also be devastating for a person who later in life becomes disabled and attempts to get Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits.  Before we even begin discussing your medical condition that you feel disables you from working, we must first […]

Social Security Disability is NOT an entitlement program

It really is a shame that Social Security Disability has such a stigma attached to it.  And there is.  There is that thought out there that people on Social Security Disability are getting nothing but ‘hand outs’ or ‘entitlements’ or ‘welfare’.  It’s our political world of uninformed opinions that grips our society today. Fact is, that workers have paid for […]