Pennsylvania Workers Compensation and travel expenses to doctor

Either way you look at it, a work injury can be financially disturbing for many.  Many injured workers have their injury denied, meaning they are receiving no income while they litigate their claim.  Others have an accepted claim, but for medical benefits only, which again means, no wage loss benefits while the claim is being litigated.  Others may be receiving benefits, but […]

In Pennsylvania, Do I Get Reimbursed for Mileage for Doctors Visits under Workers Compensation?

A work-related injury can be financially devastating for many Pennsylvania workers.   If your workers compensation claim is denied and you are out of work, while you litigate the Claim Petition, you will have no income, unless you can obtain short term and/or long term disability.  Even if your work-related injury is accepted, many injured workers struggle, because, depending on […]