PA Termination Petition: Will My Workers Comp Checks Stop?

When an employer/insurance carrier in Pennsylvania files a Termination Petition, what they are seeking is to immediately stop all end your Pennsylvania workers compensation benefits.  They are seeking to end wage loss and medical benefits.  You need legal expertise from an experienced Workers Comp attorney. Why is a termination petition filed in my case? In most cases, a termination petition […]

Pennsylvania sets new Workers Compensation Average Weekly Wage rates for 2016

The Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry has released the new state wide average weekly wage chart for 2016.  Here are the 2016 workers compensation rates for wage loss benefits. YOUR WAGES (PER WEEK) Average Weekly Wage COMPENSATION RATE Amount You Will Receive $1468.00 and Above $978.00 (Maximum Rate) $733.51 to $1467.00 2/3 of AWW $543.33 to $733.50 $489.00 $542.32 […]

When Will I Get My First Workers Compensation Check?

One of the most frequently asked questions my office receives is — when will I get my first workers compensation check?  Frequently, the answer I provide is not what the injured worker wants to hear.  Let me explain. First and foremost, the first thing to understand is that any payments that may be due you may not begin flowing until […]

How long does it take to litigate a work injury in Pennsylvania?

One of the first questions I get at nearly every consultation for workers’ compensation is — how long does it take to get benefits.  Understandably so.  Injured workers still have mortgages, rent, car payments, and other bills to pay.  If your injury is accepted by your employer and it’s insurance carrier, then you will likely wait two or three weeks […]

Drug Tests and Impact on Employment and Workers Compensation

The Pennsylvania Manufacturers Association recently released a report that one in three potential employees either refuse to take a drug pre-screen test or fail a pre-screen drug test. While in many cases the percentages are not high, the fact that 19% refuse to take drug tests as a condition of employment and 16% fail these tests raise a red flag […]

Injured at work and layoff in Pennsylvania

Often times, I get calls from injured workers, who return to work, and are then subsequently laid off due to slow down or job elimination.  It is a frequent occurrence.    The questions always revolves around the workers compensation issue and entitlement to benefits. The more typical scenario here involves a plant or warehouse and a typical slowdown period where […]