Facebook Can Harm Your Pennsylvania Workers Comp Case


Facebook and other social media can harm your Pennsylvania workers’ compensation case. In today’s world, it is natural that when something impactful happens in our lives, we want to share that news with friends and family and we do so on Facebook and other social media. However, it is critical for an injured worker to understand that Facebook posts can […]

Injured at Work and Pain and Suffering in Pennsylvania

When a person is injured at work in Pennsylvania, are they entitled to pain and suffering?  Are they entitled to future lost wages?  What about punitive damages?  There seems to be an assumption that an injured worker in Pennsylvania is entitled to be paid for time out of work (wage loss benefits), have their medical bills paid, and receive pain […]

Is my Pennsylvania work injury covered by workers comp?

Generally, if you were hurt on the job,  you may be entitled to workers compensation benefits.   I say generally, because in most cases, work injuries are covered.  Are there instances where a work injury may not be compensable under the Pennsylvania Workers Compensation Act?  Yes, there are certain defined employer affirmative defenses that could potentially cause your work injury to […]

Chambersburg injured worker received $110,000 for hand injury at work

A Chambersburg injured worker recently received a settlement of $110,000 for a hand injury. Her injury was sustained while working at a manufacturer in Chambersburg. I was able to secure the settlement after winning her wage loss benefits. I had an injured worker who worked for a Chambersburg manufacturer. She suffered a severe hand injury when her hand got caught […]

Work Injury Lawyer Near Me in Chambersburg and Carlisle areas: Mooney Law

What work injury lawyer is near you in Chambersburg and Carlisle? Answer is simple. Mooney Law! Mooney Law has offices in downtown Chambersburg and Carlisle to make it convenient for our clients in the Chambersburg and Carlisle areas. Live half way between Chambersburg and Carlisle? We have you covered. We also have an office in downtown Shippensburg too. The purpose […]

Carlisle injured worker awarded benefits, despite prior shoulder injury

An injured worker in Carlisle was awarded workers compensation benefits despite a prior shoulder injury.  Here are the facts. For the sake of a story, let’s say the injured worker’s name is John.  John came to me a few years ago after injuring his shoulder as a truck driver.  Due to that injury, John underwent two different surgeries and I […]

Forklift accidents can cause serious injuries for warehouse workers in Central Pennsylvania

Forklift accidents can certainly cause serious injuries for people working in warehouses throughout Central Pennsylvania.  Looking up and down Interstate 81 from Greencastle to Chambersburg to Carlisle and north, warehouses and distribution centers blanket the landscape.  They produce jobs, which is a big reason that Central Pennsylvania can boast a low unemployment rate.  The growth of warehousing along Interstate 81 […]

Amazon employee killed in accident at Amazon Warehouse in Carlisle

An Amazon Warehouse employee was killed in a work accident recently. The is the second death at the Middletown/Carlisle facility since 2014.  If you recall, an employee was killed in 2014 in a pallet jack accident. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration is investigating a death at an area Amazon facility. Devan Michael Shoemaker, 28, of Millerstown, died Tuesday of […]

Bilateral Avascular Hip Necrosis found to be Aggravated by Work Injury

Mooney & Associates recently won a case for an injured Pennsylvania worker that included bilateral avascular necrosis.  The claimant had both left and right hips replaced and the insurance carrier was forced to pay for both hip replacements. Generally, avascular necrosis of the hip (AVN) is a degenerative condition that is not completely understood by the medical community.  Essentially, avascular hip necrosis is a dying […]