How long does it take to receive Pennsylvania workers compensation wage loss benefits?

Many times when I meet with an injured worker, the first question asked is — how long does it take to receive workers compensation wage loss benefits.  I provide that answer here. There are a few nuances to payment of wage loss benefits in Pennsylvania.  First, the Pennsylvania Workers Compensation Act provides employers with a 20 day window to either […]

Take precautions in winter weather to prevent work injuries

Winter is upon us and we are hearing about potential winter weather this weekend.  Winter weather undoubtedly causes work injuries.  That’s fact. Most of the work injuries we see from winter weather are exactly what you would expect . . . slip and falls.  Slip and falls in parking lots, off the back of trucks, off warehouse docks, etc . […]

Out Top Five Pennsylvania Workers Comp Posts for 2019

As we begin to wrap up 2019 and head full steam to 2020, we wanted to bring your attention to our top six Workers Comp posts of 2019.  Here they are in no particular order. 5 things to NOT DO when you are injured at work Today, I will go over 5 things you should NOT DO when you are […]

Failing to Disclose Preexisting Condition can be Detrimental to Workers Comp Claim

Failing to disclose preexisting conditions in your workers compensation claim can be devastating to your case.  I have taken time to write several blog articles on preexisting conditions.  It is important to note that a preexisting condition IS NOT a bar to workers compensation benefits.  However, failing to disclose it can have broad ramifications on your case.  Many clients simply […]

A PA Workers Comp Judge Assignment and What It Means

What is a PA Workers Comp Judge Notice of Assignment and what does it mean for my Workers Comp case? A Notice of Assignment is sent to Pennsylvania injured worker at the start of litigation (the filing of a Claim Petition or some other employer petition).  The Notice of Assignment informs the parties as to which PA Workers Comp Judge […]

Bringing Workers Comp representation to Waynesboro, PA

My firm, Mooney Law, recently opened an office in Waynesboro, PA.  One thing I have noticed is that my Workers Comp and Social Security Disability practice has a healthy portion of Waynesboro clients.  Now, I can bring our representation right to Waynesboro.  Beginning on August 1, Mooney Law has an office in downtown Waynesboro and can meet clients anytime from […]

Mooney Law: A Pennsylvania Disability law practice

Mooney Law represents clients throughout Pennsylvania and is a full Pennsylvania Disability Law practice. What do we mean by that? At Mooney Law, we represent disabled clients in the following areas: Pennsylvania Workers Compensation: We represent injured workers throughout Pennsylvania. We have a full workers compensation litigation practice, from litigating denied injuries, to defending against employer petitions to terminate or […]

How do I start a workers comp claim in Pennsylvania?

I am often asked, how do I start a workers comp claim in Pennsylvania.  You’ve been injured on the job.  So now what?  A couple of things are quite important in starting a workers comp claim. When starting a workers comp claim in Pennsylvania, follow these initial steps. Report the injury First thing to do when hurt on the job […]

In Pennsylvania, Workers Comp litigation can continue past decision

One thing that is important to know about Pennsylvania Workers Comp, is that your initial litigation may not be the end of the insurance companies attempt to deny or stop your benefits.  Let’s use a real client example. I have a client from Shippensburg who was injured on the job when he fell in a hole, struck his back, and […]

7 Reasons why Injured Workers seek Legal Counsel

You get injured at work.   As you seek medical treatment, deal with this form and that form, and your pain, your future, your financial well being, and your job all swirl around in your mind, you likely think — should I contact a workers’ compensation attorney? The clear answer is — YES.  A workers’ compensation claim can very complex, both […]