Joint Replacement and Pennsylvania Workers Comp

Joint replacement surgeries as a result of a work-related injury are not all that uncommon, especially in older workers.  Often times, when an injured worker is recommended for a knee replacement, a shoulder replacement, or a hip replacement, the workers’ compensation claim suddenly becomes a nightmare, with the insurance carrier denying further medical treatment, including the joint replacement surgery.  Knee […]

Injured at Work and Pain and Suffering in Pennsylvania

When a person is injured at work in Pennsylvania, are they entitled to pain and suffering?  Are they entitled to future lost wages?  What about punitive damages?  There seems to be an assumption that an injured worker in Pennsylvania is entitled to be paid for time out of work (wage loss benefits), have their medical bills paid, and receive pain […]

Maryland Workers Comp Blog

At Mooney Law, we handle both Pennsylvania and Maryland workers compensation cases and I have provided a Maryland workers compensation blog that focuses on Maryland job injuries.  This blog is mostly focused on Pennsylvania workers compensation.  Pennsylvania and Maryland workers compensation benefits, procedures, and systems are quite different from one another. If you have been injured at work in Maryland, […]

Workers Comp grinds to halt with COVID-19

By order of the Governor of Pennsylvania, the Commonwealth government is shut down for two weeks for all non-essential employees.  As a result, all workers compensation hearings are postponed to at least March 30.   The Bureau of Workers Compensation is working through a process that Compromise and Release (settlement) hearings can still take place by telephone. Mooney Law will keep […]

Failing to Disclose Preexisting Condition can be Detrimental to Workers Comp Claim

Failing to disclose preexisting conditions in your workers compensation claim can be devastating to your case.  I have taken time to write several blog articles on preexisting conditions.  It is important to note that a preexisting condition IS NOT a bar to workers compensation benefits.  However, failing to disclose it can have broad ramifications on your case.  Many clients simply […]

Knee Arthritis Not A Bar to Pennsylvania Workers Comp Benefits

Pre-existing knee arthritis is not a bar to winning Pennsylvania Workers Compensation benefits.  I inform my clients over and over again to not let pre-existing conditions, the fact they may be older workers, or the fact their employers tells them their injury is not work related, to be the determining factor of whether the pursue workers compensation benefits.  Recently, I […]

Top 5 reasons your Pennsylvania work injury may be denied

There are many reason why a Pennsylvania work injury may be denied by the employer and workers compensation insurance carrier.  I’ve heard it many times from an injured worker the astonishment that there injury at work was denied.  It happens.  And it happens often.  Here are the Top 5 reasons why work injuries in Pennsylvania are denied. 1.  Injury is […]

Mooney Law: A Pennsylvania Disability law practice

Mooney Law represents clients throughout Pennsylvania and is a full Pennsylvania Disability Law practice. What do we mean by that? At Mooney Law, we represent disabled clients in the following areas: Pennsylvania Workers Compensation: We represent injured workers throughout Pennsylvania. We have a full workers compensation litigation practice, from litigating denied injuries, to defending against employer petitions to terminate or […]

Rotator Cuff Injuries in Pennsylvania: Causes, symptoms and treatment

Rotator cuff injuries are some of the most common injuries I have seen in my Pennsylvania Workers Compensation practice.  That is not all that surprising given the growth in the warehousing and distribution center sector. The rotator cuff is made of muscles and tendons in your shoulder.  They are critical for use of and movement of your shoulder.  That is […]