Central Pennsylvania work injuries are on the rise due to the ongoing economic growth along the Interstate 81 corridor, from Greencastle to Chambersburg, to Shippensburg to Carlisle.  This page provides a brief overview to the type of work injuries that are common in Central Pennsylvania.

Work injuries often times wreck havoc on an injured worker physically, emotionally, and financially.   They often lead to wage loss, significant medical bills, and the inability to continue to perform work as in the past.   If you suffer a work injury, you may be entitled to benefits under the Pennsylvania Workers Compensation Act.  At Mooney Law, we have recovered tens of millions of dollars in Central Pennsylvania for injured workers.  These rights and benefits are too valuable.  Don’t trust your employer, the insurance adjuster, or your insurance carrier’s attorney.  Trust Mooney Law!  You can Count on Mooney to protect those rights and benefits.

Our experience speaks for itself.  At Mooney Law we have a full workers compensation litigation practice.  Our consultations are always free and our fees are contingent.  That means you will not pay us anything out of pocket.  We only get paid if YOU get paid.

So what types of work injuries do we commonly see in Central Pennsylvania? Here are the main injury categories.

Work Injury:  Traumatic Injuries:

Back injuries (Both, low back and upper back, disc herniations, SI joint injuries)

Neck Injuries (Strains, disc herniations, and more)

Both of the above may also include extensive nerve injuries

Shoulder injuries (Rotator Cuff injuries, Labrum Injuries, AC Joint injuries, Strains, Impingement, and more)

Knee Injuries

Arm Injuries

Hip Injuries

Head Injuries (including concussions and post concussion syndrome)

Abdominal Injuries (including hernias)

Amputations and Loss of Use injuries

Injuries that result in tragic death


Work Injury:  Repetitive Injuries:

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Cubital Tunnel Syndrome



Work Injury:  Aggravation of Pre–Existing Conditions:

Many work injuries are denied by the employer and workers compensation carrier based on a ‘pre-existing’ condition.  These pre-existing conditions could include arthritis in their bank, neck, shoulder, or knee.  Many times, injured workers do not even realize they had the arthritis that may appear on the X-Ray,  MRI, or CT Scan. It never bothered them.  They never felt pain.  The employer and insurance carrier think they are lying.  Fact is, most people over the age of 35 have begun to develop arthritis, or degenerative disc disease.  More often than not, it is asymptomatic, meaning they are unaware they have the condition, because they do not experience any pain or other symptoms.   At Mooney Law, we have the proven experience to defeat the insurance carrier and get your injury accepted as an aggravation of a pre-existing condition.

Work injuries are also denied where there was a clear pre-existing condition, such as a prior back or neck, or shoulder surgery.  However, the surgery was years ago, the injured worker recovered, went back to work, either at the same employer or a new employer, and was not having any pain or difficulties from the prior surgery, until this new work injury occurred.  Again, these are new work injuries and they are compensable under the Act.

Finally . . .

We see many injuries in the following places of work (certainly not limited to this list)

Nursing Home Injuries

Warehouse Injuries

Truck Driving Injuries

Temporary agency employees

Manufacturing injuries

Assembly Line injuries

Hospitality (Hotel and Restaurant employees)

Trucking Terminals injuries

Construction injuries

Police and Fire injuries

No matter what the injury, no matter where you worked when you were injured, one thing is clear, you can Count on Mooney.  We are dedicated and committed to our clients and ensure their benefits and rights are protected and that they are fairly and reasonable compensated for their injuries.  Call us today for your FREE consultation at 1-833-MOONEYLAW or email us at info@mooney4law.com.  For more info, check out our website.