What is a Notice of Temporary Compensation Payable in Pennsylvania Workers Comp?

A Notice of Temporary Compensation Payable, otherwise known as an NTCP, is a temporary acceptance of a work related injury.  When an insurance carrier issues an NTCP, they have temporarily accepted the work-related injury, but can subsequently issue a denial as well.

Pennsylvania workers compensation is a form driven.  In our legal lingo, we refer to what is the current ‘operative document’.  When an injury occurs at work, a workers’ compensation insurance carrier can issue one of three distinct forms.

They can issue a Notice of Compensation Denial (NCD).  If this form is issued, the work injury has been denied in its entirety.  The injured worker would then need to file a Claim Petition to litigate for workers compensation benefits.  The insurance carrier may also issue a Notice of Compensation Payable (NCP).  An NCP accepts a work injury.  There is a caveat to that form though.  At the top of the second page, the insurance carrier may check the box that provides for a medical only acceptance, meaning the insurance carrier only agrees to pay for medical benefits.  That means they are denying wage loss is occurring because of the work injury.  If the injured worker is out of work and suffering wage loss as a result of the work injury, then again, the medical benefits will be paid, but the injured worker would need to file a Claim Petition to litigate for wage loss benefits.

The insurance carrier may also issue an NTCP.  The NTCP form defines a 90 day period from the date of injury in which both wage loss and medical benefits may be paid to the injured worker.  But, remember, this is a temporary acceptance.  At anytime during that 90 day period, the insurance carrier can issue a Notice Stopping Temporary Compensation Payable (NSTCP) and then subsequently issue an NCD, effectively denying the injury in its entirety. That means the injured worker could be receiving wage loss benefits because of being out of work, but if the NCD is issued within that 90 day period, the wage loss benefits would stop.  What happens if the 90 day period ends and no NCD has been issued?   The NTCP then automatically converts to an NCP, which is an acceptance of the work injury.

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Mark Buterbaugh

Attorney representing injured workers and Social Security Disability clients in Pennsylvania and Maryland.