What Makes Mooney Law Different Than Those Firms That You See in Ads

Mooney Law advertises our firm.  Of course we do.  However, we do not advertise as much as some of these firms you see everywhere on billboards and TV.  Those ads actually become monotonous and overbearing.  We do not advertise like some of these big Philadelphia and Pittsburgh law firms you see.   Are we different?  Is our approach different?

The answer is YES, we are different.  Let me explain how we are different.  Many of these firms that spend all this money advertising simply want to sign you up, get your case settled, get their fee, then boot you out the door.  They simply want the settlement fee.  Are we any different?  Yes.  We are.

Mooney Law is not an exclusive Personal Injury law firm.  Yes, I am a Workers’ Compensation exclusive attorney.  It is all I do.  I handle all Pennsylvania and Maryland workers compensation cases.  We also have an attorney that practices exclusively in Motor Vehicle Accidents.  We also have an attorney that practices exclusively in Social Security Disability.

However, Mooney Law also has 14 other attorneys who practice in Family Law, Criminal Defense, Civil Litigation, Bankruptcy, Estate Planning and Administration, Real Estate, and Small Business Law.  That makes us different.  Why?  Because with all these areas of law that we practice in our firm, we want our clients to choose Mooney Law as their attorney for life, NO MATTER the legal need.  That makes it different.

It is not just about the fee to us.  It is about your best interest.  Sometimes, settlement is just not in your best interest for various reasons.  Those firms will not tell you that because they just want the settlement fee.  I’ve heard countless and countless of stories about how clients were screwed by firms that quickly settle and close their case.  It is not right and you deserve better.

I have clients that come to me for a work injury because we previously represented them in a divorce matter.  I have clients that I represented for a work injury that later use my firm for other legal matters, such as, for child custody or support.  Our desire is to become our client’s one stop shop for all their legal needs throughout their life.  They can Count on Mooney no matter their legal problem.  That means protecting our client’s best interest.   Our interest in our clients goes well beyond the settlement fee.  That’s what makes us different.  That’s what sets us apart.   That’s why you can Count on Mooney to protect your best interests and look out for you.

No matter your legal need, you can Count on Mooney.  For a FREE workers compensation consultation, call Mooney Law today.  Don’t trust insurance carriers.  Don’t trust your employer.   Call us today at 717-200-HELP or 833-MOONEYLAW.  For more information about our law firm, visit us at Mooney4Law.com.


Mark Buterbaugh

Attorney representing injured workers and Social Security Disability clients in Pennsylvania and Maryland.